These Dyson Fan dupes are almost as good as the real thing – and they’re essential for a heatwave

Who says you need to spend £350 for cooler air?

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If you're the proud owner of a Dyson fan, we must make it known that we're extremely jealous - but, luckily for the rest of us, Dyson fan dupes exist - and we've heard that they're almost as good as the real thing. Not wanting to break a sweat on a Dyson price tag? Look no further, because we've got you sorted.

When we found out Dyson fan dupes were a thing, we practically jumped for joy. Especially when A) we're not willing to part with £350 and B) we're desperately trying to get some sleep in the middle of a heatwave. After all, Dyson-cool air on a budget is, quite frankly, a no-brainer.

Closer's best Dyson fan dupes at a glance:

Best Dyson fan dupe overall

ProBreeze 32" Tower Fan And Air Purifier

Best alternative Dyson fan dupe

Ryman Daewoo 32" Hot and Cold Bladeless Fan

Best handheld Dyson fan dupe

The Range Rechargeable Handheld Bladeless Fan 

Best desk fan Dyson fan dupe

Argos 22" Habitat Grey Desk Fan

When the weather hits 30C in the UK, it becomes unbearably hot, especially for a nation who aren't all that prepared for the sun. Whether it's a hand-held fan for keeping cool on the go, or a tower fan that allows you an undisturbed night's sleep, you'll be glad to have your very own fan when the temperatures start to climb. Just imagine that cold breeze caressing your face during one of the hottest nights of the year... delightful.

Coming in at £350, Dyson's Cool Tower Fan is a serious investment. Quiet, cooling and pleasing to the eye, it's no secret that it's one of the best tower fans out there. But, saving yourself some money on a Dyson dupe and treating yourself to an ice cold breeze is something that we can definitely get behind. So, check out our favourite Dyson dupes below, perfect for keeping cool in a heatwave.

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Best Dyson fan dupe overall

Price: £109.99 (was £119.99)

Replicating the minimal design of Dyson, the 5-star ProBreeze Tower Fan is the perfect addition to any modern home. Just like the Dyson original, the ProBreeze also acts as a purifier, removing impurities and pollutants from the air at the tap of a button. One reviewer even stated that they bought this instead of the Dyson, and it was the 'best decision they'd ever made'. Additionally, it features nine speed settings, four operating modes and oscillation so you can customise the experience to you.


  • £240 cheaper than the Dyson Cool Tower Fan
  • Acts as a purifier, removing dust, pollen, odours and pollutants from the air
  • Has an added sleep mode where it is as quiet as 32dB


  • Can be noisier on setting outside of sleep mode
  • 9 speed settings
  • Remote control included
  • Oscillates 80 degrees from side to side and can also be vertically tilted up to 30 degrees
  • Features an advanced HEPA H13 filter to purify the air
  • 4 operating modes

Best alternative Dyson fan dupe

Ryman Daewoo 32" Hot and Cold Bladeless FanRyman

Well, the Daewoo 32" Hot and Cold Bladeless Fan has the look down. Boasting a design identical to the Dyson Cool Fan, this is, arguably one of the closest dupes on our list making it a fab cheaper alternative. It even has the same hot and cold functions as the original, making it perfect for all season round. Not to mention, its ten-speed settings are unmatched given the options on our list. A delighted customer claimed it was a 'quality fan', 'good value for money' and 'low noise'.


  • The design is a sure dupe for the Dyson look
  • This fan can produce hot air as well as cold air
  • Comes with ten-speed settings


  • Can be noisier on setting outside of sleep mode
  • 10 speed settings
  • Remote control included
  • Up to 90 degree oscillating rotation
  • Size: 84H x 27W x 19Dcm
  • 9 hour timer to help save energy

Best handheld Dyson fan dupe

Price: £12.50 (was £13.50)

You'd be mistaken in thinking this was an original Dyson design. The Rechargeable Handheld Bladeless Fan from The Range comes in a fitting silver and pink finish, making it a sure dupe for Dyson in terms of its look - but what about its quality? Given its cheap price point, we can't exactly expect Dyson quality. However, we love how convenient this handheld, portable fan is. Simply charge at a USB port and expect cool air for up to 5 hours. Perfect for popping in your handbag and taking with you to work, you'll be the envy of the whole office.


  • The design is a sure dupe for the Dyson look
  • Easily recharged using included USB power chord
  • Handheld size for using on the go


  • Battery life only lasts up to 5 hours
  • 3 hours of charging provides 5 hours of battery life
  • USB charger included
  • 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Size: H 16.7 x W 5.4cm

Best desk fan Dyson fan dupe

Habitat Grey Desk Fan - 22 InchesHabitat
Price: £42.50 (was £85)

The Dyson Cool Desk Fan might be out of stock, but this Habitat Grey Desk Fan from Argos has the same bladeless quality as the original. It certainly looks the part with its design, and reviewers agree, with one customer saying that it 'brings a touch of elegance to their living space'. It even comes with an included remote control and three different speed settings which can be used for oscillating coolness around your home. And, that's all for less than £45, making it an incredible affordable option if you're on a budget.


  • £200 cheaper than the Dyson Cool Desk Fan
  • More compact version for using on a desk
  • Comes with an additional LED light built in


  • May be a lower power than some of the other options on the list
  • 3 speed settings
  • Remote control included
  • Size: H 580 x W 265 x D 200cm
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee
  • Fully assembled

Best tower fan Dyson fan dupe

Price: £73.70 (was £110)

This highly-rated Dimplex Ion Fresh Cooling Tower Fan from Argos features unique tilting feature and three fan speeds, including sleep mode - which, according to the thousands of reviews, is a real treat - especially for catching up with those much needed Z's. An additional point? The built-in optional ioniser has the ability to purify the surrounding air by capturing dust particles to ensure cleaner breathing. We especially love its clever adjustable tilt mechanism, meaning you can enjoy a cool breeze no matter where in your home you are.


  • Acts as a purifier, removing dust, pollen, odours and pollutants from the air
  • The sleep mode gradually reduces the fan speed, making it perfect for night
  • It has a rare tilting feature, meaning the angle of flow is customisable


  • Reviews say it's still noisier than other options
  • 3 speed settings
  • Remote control included
  • Oscillating with an adjustable tilt
  • The optional Ioniser cleans surrounding air
  • Size: H 107 x W 31.1 x D31.1cm
  • Manufacturer's 3 year when registering online guarantee
  • Minimal assembly


What is the best Dyson fan dupe?

Personally, given that I actually own the ProBreeze 40" Oscillating Tower Fan, £79.99 I can agree that ProBreeze have some incredible durable, efficient and low noise options out there. I still have my fan four years on, and its some of the best money I've spent in the long run. Therefore, when ProBreeze's 5-star 32" Tower Fan And Air Purifier, £109.99 made waves as a Dyson dupe, I couldn't agree more.

Why are Dyson so expensive?

Dyson's price points are mostly down to its patented technology, which are unlike any other used across different brands. The brand uses Dyson's Air Multiplier™ technology for quiet yet powerful airflow to keep your home cool. Therefore, it might be useful to look at Dyson dupes if the originals are a bit out of budget. After all, there's plenty that you can browse at much lower price points.

Where to shop Dyson deals?

It's not just Dyson Airwrap deals that have the internet obsessed. Dyson will sometimes run deals on its fans too. Keep your eyes peeled for the best Dyson deals across your usual retailers, Argos, Currys, John Lewis and the Dyson website itself, of course. Especially during sales events.

Another way to snap up a deal on Dyson? Check out Dyson's refurbished lines, including as well as on eBay for plenty of bargains on renewed Dyson fans.

How to clean a Dyson Cool Tower Fan filter?

For a simple clean, all you need to do is hoover the front grills of the fan with the brush attachment on your handheld vacuum. For the head, just wipe a microfibre cloth around the loop on the inside and out. And, for a deeper clean, we've found a step-by-step guide on cleaning your Dyson fan filter on YouTube that might just come in handy. Thankfully, bladeless fans are much less hassle to clean than your standard designs.

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