Ex On The Beach’s Chloe Goodman announces pregnancy with gorgeous bump shoot

Chloe Goodman pregnancy

by Neeru Sharma |

Gently cradling her blossoming bump on our photo shoot, Chloe Goodman is positively glowing. The reality TV star is expecting her first child in May with her boyfriend of two years, QPR footballer Grant Hall.

And while she’s thrilled about her next chapter as a mum, Chloe admits she’s been ready to have a baby since her early twenties.

Chloe Goodman
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Chloe, 26, tells us, “I’ve wanted to be a mum for years. I’m from a family of five girls and I’ve always had maternal instincts. When I met Grant, we agreed early on that we wanted to become parents, so it feels like everything has fallen into place.”

And the star, who found fame on Ex On The Beach in 2014 and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, admits preparations are in full swing for their new arrival.

She says, “Now that I’ve passed the three-month mark, I’ve completely dived into being pregnant. We started the nursery, then Grant decided he wanted to renovate the whole house so it’s perfect, and to make it baby friendly!”

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Chloe Goodman
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While she’s overjoyed to be pregnant, Chloe admits to suffering “waves of anxiety” in the beginning. The star has had a turbulent time recently after discovering she had high-grade 3 abnormal cells following her first smear test, which could have led to cervical cancer if left untreated.

Following a biopsy, she had an operation in July last year to remove part of her cervix. Though she was told she shouldn’t have problems conceiving, doctors did warn there was a higher chance she could miscarry or have a premature birth.

She explains, “I knew I needed to get rid of the abnormal cells and have the op, but it was stressful because I worried I wouldn’t be able to carry a child full-term. It sparked me into trying sooner to give myself the best chance.

"There’s a plan in action and I’m being monitored. I’m not doing anything strenuous, and in December, I’ll have a pre-assessment with my consultant about when I’ll have the operation for a stitch in my cervix to prevent going into labour early.”

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Chloe sadly did suffer a miscarriage aged 23 with her ex-partner, footballer Jordan Clarke, and she admits the heartbreak made her fearful of celebrating her good news with loved-ones, or even acknowledging this pregnancy to herself.

She candidly explains, “I had what’s called a ‘missed miscarriage’ where I only realised I’d lost the baby at my 12-week scan, but doctors estimated it could have happened as early as five weeks. It was scary, as I had no warning signs and felt fine.

“This time, I had a lot of anxiety for the first three months and broke down in tears a lot. I almost pretended I wasn’t pregnant in case something bad happened. I did three pregnancy tests because I was in denial."

"I’ve been very closed off – if someone brought it up, I’d tell them to stop talking about it, and I wouldn’t allow myself to wonder whether it’s a boy or a girl. I’d wake up three or four times in the night needing to go the toilet, and I’d always be checking my knickers for spots of blood.

"I became so paranoid. I just wanted to skip to the time when the baby’s here. I’d already had a miscarriage, and then lost half my cervix, so I felt everything was stacked against me with the cancer scare.”

Chloe Goodman
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As her anxiety escalated, Chloe booked herself in for a private scan at eight weeks and she admits she felt relieved after hearing the baby’s heartbeat.

She says, “I broke down in tears when they said everything was fine, because I’d convinced myself otherwise. It was a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Now Chloe – who in the past has worked as a bum double for Cheryl and Cameron Diaz – says she’s embracing every aspect of her pregnancy, including her changing body.

Chloe Goodman
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She says, “It’s amazing seeing everything change. My boobs have become ginormous…but I don’t mind them staying! Grant joked that I’m going to need scaffolding soon. I’ve got cellulite all over my thighs, so many spots, and my hair is really greasy, but it’s a small price to pay. I’m now in my second trimester and almost all of my bad symptoms have gone; I have loads of energy all of a sudden.”

And while she’s kept low-key about it until now, Chloe is planning an extravagant gender reveal party on New Year’s Eve, and admits she can’t wait to share her news with close pal Lauren Goodger.

Closer Magazine
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She says, “I caught up with Lauren last week and it was hard keeping the news from her, as she is practically another sister. She’s the kindest and sweetest woman, and I don’t know why she gets negativity from some people and some press.

"She would make the most amazing mum; she’s great with kids. I can’t wait for her to meet someone who’s actually worthy of her. No offence to people in Essex, but they’re not the nicest bunch of blokes! I’ve told her we’ll find her a nice guy in Brighton, where I live, instead!”

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