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Finding time for yourself in the busy, social-media obsessed world that we live in is more important than ever before.

Taking time away from screens, from commuting, from work and even from other people can be really beneficial for your overall wellbeing, but we'll admit, it's tough to commit to.

A relatively easy way to ensure you get at least some time to yourself in your day to day life, is to create a space in your home that's specifically designed to calm you. Check your phone at the door, get into your comfiest outfit and take time to just be present.

Here are some top tips for creating a calming space in your home:

Go natural with lighting

Avoid harsh fluorescent lighting and instead opt for natural light, ambient lamps or candles. Fluorescent lighting can strain our eyes, cause headaches and affect our sleep, so it's best to limit our exposure where we can.

Let nature inspire you

Plants, wood, stone - bring the natural world into your home. Plenty of scientific studies suggest that being in nature is relaxing, but if you can't be outside all the time, you can bring some elements indoors.

Put a phone/laptop ban in place

You can even put a pot outside the door to keep your phone in, but don't be tempted to bring the digital world into your sanctuary with you! Take some much-needed time away.

Go minimal

Keep things tidy and avoid putting in excess furniture that can become cluttered over time. Organise storage spaces for your things and give everything a home.

Now you have the basic idea, here are some things we'd recommend buying to make your zen room come to life.

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Calming room ideas

MIFA White Noise Machine1 of 15

MIFA White Noise Machine

White noise isn't just for night time, you know. The relaxing sounds of this speaker can allow you to chill out at any time of day - perfect for a little mid-week meditation.

Concrete Colour Pots,2 of 15

Concrete Colour Pots,

Filling your house with beautiful plants doesn't just look good, but it's great for your mental health. Bring the outdoors indoors and give your plants a new home with these lovely coloured pots.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp3 of 15

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are thought to purify the air, neutralise electromagnetic radiation from household electronics, help you sleep better and reduce stress. Whether you believe in their uses or not, they're a calming influence on a room, filling it with a soft pink hue.

'This Too Shall Pass' Handwritten Mindfulness Print4 of 15

'This Too Shall Pass' Handwritten Mindfulness Print

Putting up prints of certain phrases that inspire you will help keep you grounded and remember to take a breath and refocus from time to time.

Solstice Grey Wallpaper5 of 15

Solstice Grey Wallpaper

How you decorate a room can really affect the vibe you feel when you're in it. Opt for calming colours and soothing patterns to create a sense of quiet.

GEEZY Indoor Tabletop Fountain Water Feature6 of 15

GEEZY Indoor Tabletop Fountain Water Feature

Who says you can't have the ambience of a Japanese garden inside your home? The calming and tranquil sound of running water can help you to destress and connect with nature.

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy7 of 15

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy

Many advocates of diffusers find that they help to reduce anxiety and creates a calming effect in your home. With so many essential oils on offer, you can use yours to help you sleep, feel energised or to feel calm.

Tisserand Little Box Of Mindfulness8 of 15

Tisserand Little Box Of Mindfulness

Speaking of essential oils, this box of three oils from Tisserand has everything you need to start your aromatherapy adventure.

Set of 2 Round Knitted Grey Storage Baskets9 of 15

Set of 2 Round Knitted Grey Storage Baskets

Ensure you have a place to keep things organised in your new sanctuary - baskets work well for keeping everything tidied away nicely.

Mindfulness 'Dreams' Personalised Candle10 of 15

Mindfulness 'Dreams' Personalised Candle

This is the perfect personalised gift for anyone who's in need of a little pick-me-up, or a reminder that they're doing just fine.

The Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster11 of 15

The Mindful Word Yoga Poses Poster

Taking time out of your busy day for a yoga session is great for both your body and mind. Easily slip into your next routine with this poster, showing you lots of yoga poses to try.

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit12 of 15

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit

Believed to bring luck and harmony, Bonsai trees are a rewarding plant to have in the home. Take good care of it and you'll feel immense satisfaction.

Glitter Planets Wallpaper13 of 15

Glitter Planets Wallpaper

Reminding yourself that you're a part of something bigger than yourself can help you to feel grounded and make your problems appear smaller. This Glitter Planets wallpaper will do just that - and the pastel design is incredibly relaxing.

Hexagonal Grey Wall Shelf14 of 15

Hexagonal Grey Wall Shelf

If you ever feel like your mind is cluttered, it could be that your surroundings need a tidy up, too. Your calm space should have minimal places where clutter can happen - stick to floating shelves with just enough space for a few books and plants.

Mountain Landscape at Lale Magog Semi-Gloss Wallpaper15 of 15

Mountain Landscape at Lale Magog Semi-Gloss Wallpaper

Transport yourself to another place entirely with this jaw-dropping mountain wallpaper. You can almost feel the wind blowing through your hair, can't you?

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