11 of the best face masks for children back at school

These options are too cool for school.

Best face masks for children

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Since the kids have been back at school and homeschooling became a distant memory, keeping up with the latest government requirements has been paramount. But we know that navigating your way around the rules and what they mean has been tricky at points, with many of us trying to make sense of the changing restrictions.

First, there was a whole new set of requirements (not just healthy lunchbox ideas) to get to grips with when sending your children back to the classroom. Now things have slowly eased, so too have the rules around the wearing of face masks at school. But, if your still on the hunt for a face mask for your kids to wear, we’ve rounded up the best ones.

Do kids need to wear face masks in school?

The Department for Education has updated its advice on face coverings in schools, "Pupils will no longer be required to wear face coverings in the classroom or communal areas in schools and colleges. This will improve interaction between teachers and students, ensuring the clearest possible communication to support learning."

Read more about the update on face coverings in schools at GOV.UK

Following the latest guidance, the wearing of face masks in schools is very much a personal choice. Now that you're up to speed on all the latest information around the requirements of face masks, we've pulled together a guide to the best face masks for children and teenagers.

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The best face masks for children

Cotton Yellow Tongue Emoji Face Mask1 of 11
CREDIT: Claire's

Cotton Yellow Tongue Emoji Face Mask

Best cloth face mask for childrenOne look at this face mask and you can tell it's going to be a winner for your family. Alongside the tongue-in-cheek feel, it's made from 100% cotton, which means it's super easy to wash, music to any parent's ears.What we love:• Obviously, the emoji design• It's breathable• Elastic ear loops

Oscar Apparels Kids Reusable Face Mask2 of 11
CREDIT: Amazon

Oscar Apparels Kids Reusable Face Mask

Best plain face mask set for childrenIf your child's school have asked for their face masks to have a more muted design, you can opt for these general use face masks. What we love:• Classic design• Have a soft feelReview: "These mask are perfect for young children aged 4 to 7-years-old, I estimate. They were much too small for my teenage boys. I think kids will love their simplicity and the fabric is very soft. A good first step in introducing the concept of mask-wearing for little ones. Black seems a very serious colour for kids, but on the other hand it's very practical because they don't show stains and they are washable."

Zoocchini - Reusable Organic Kids Face Masks3 of 11

Zoocchini - Reusable Organic Kids Face Masks

Best reusable face masks for childrenHow adorable are these dog, lion and koala print face masks? Not only should they fit most kids aged three to six, but they're also made from a 95% certified organic cotton and 5% Spandex blend, which makes them breathable.What we love: • No chemicals, dyes or inks used• Option for an air filter (not included)• Reusable and washable

Oscar Apparels Kids Reusable Face Mask4 of 11
CREDIT: Amazon

Oscar Apparels Kids Reusable Face Mask

Best budget best face masks for childrenIf you're looking for a pack of reusable face masks that are brightly coloured and fun, then you'll be sold on these. It's important to know that these are not medical masks and they're not suitable for anyone under three years of age.What we love:• Easy to pull on • Good range of colours• Brilliant sizeReview: "Good range of colours which appealed to my two girls. Good fit for a 10-year-old, quite large for my 7-year-old, but easy to put a knot in the elastic on either side to make it fit. Very soft fabric. Good buy."

Little Blue House By Hatley Unisex Kid's Children's Double Layer Face Mask5 of 11
CREDIT: Amazon

Little Blue House By Hatley Children's Double Layer Face Mask

Best tractor-themed face mask for childrenCloth face masks are all about the print and this red farm tractor design REALLY delivers. We think that this choice is perfect for primary school kids.What we love:• There are seven different prints to choose from• Suitable for smaller children over the age of twoReview: "It did not say what age this children's mask was for. However, on the packet, it says two year and above. I have a five-year-old and fits well. I would say it's not very big though, so OK for up to around a 7-year-old."

PMR Fashion Cotton face Masks Multiple Pack of 56 of 11
CREDIT: Amazon

PMR Fashion Cotton face Masks Multiple Pack of 5

Best pattern pack of face masks for childrenTeenagers heading back to school are trickier to buy for because they'll want the coolest looking masks. If you're looking for a fashion option at a reasonable price, these are the ones. What we love:• The assorted designs• Multi layers with small pocket for filterReview: "Well made. Nice colours and a small pocket for a filter."

Kids Cotton Animal Face Mask7 of 11
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Kids Cotton Animal Face Mask

Best animal print face masks for childrenWell, these are easily the funniest face masks we've seen. The bold animal print is totally charming, and you can choose what character you get for your little one.Choose from:• Lion• Shark• Cat• Bunny• Tiger• DogOptional matching headbands and dress-up outfits are available.What we love:• Sizes fit kids up to 14 years • Can be used as a costume• Matching headbands and outfits availableReview: "The tiger mask is lovely, my six-year-old actually enjoys wearing this one. Good quality but the ties have frayed quite a bit tying it to get a good fit."

Cotton Mint Unicorn Print Face Mask8 of 11

Cotton Mint Unicorn Print Face Mask

Best unicorn print face mask for childrenThe question should be who doesn't want to rock up to class in a unicorn face mask? This magical number will be a big success with both kids and teenagers. What we love:• The price – it's as cheap as chips• It's lightweight and breathable

Weddingstar 3 Pack Kid's Washable Cloth Face Mask9 of 11

Weddingstar 3 Pack Kid's Washable Cloth Face Mask

Best cat-themed face masks for childrenWith a flexible wire noseband to ensure it fits your little one, these cat-themed face masks are going straight into your shopping basket.What we love:• The sweet print• Adjustable ear straps• The fact it has five layersReview: "The kids come in only one size and I would say they fit on the larger size, so not ideal if you have toddlers or children with smaller faces. But at least they have the nose piece and adjustable bands to help tighten the fit. Even better is they have the pocket for filters, which if you choose to add them.

Sequin Kids Face Mask10 of 11

Sequin Kids Face Mask

Best sequin face mask for childrenNot the most practical option on this list, but a sequin face mask is a great choice for special occasions like non-school uniform days. What we love:• The pretty design• 19 colours to choose from

Clean Kidz Face Masks11 of 11
CREDIT: Amazon

Clean Kidz Face Masks

Best disposable face masks for childrenAre your children heading back to school? If so, one essential item that they'll need to take with them this year is a face mask. If you haven't had the chance to grab some already, this brilliant pack of up to 50 masks is a great option.The only downside is that they're single-use, so you'll have to keep replacing them - plus, they aren't the most eco-friendly choice.What we love: • Fit well• Good priceReview: "These masks are the perfect size for little ones. My daughter is four, and they fit well. They are comfortable and not to hot in the current weather."This item is currently out of stock, but check back again soon!

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Are face masks mandatory in schools?

Not sure whether or not your child needs to wear a face mask at school? There's lots of advice around face coverings in education, so it can be hard to know which bits to follow.

But, in short, since 17th May pupils were no longer required to wear face masks in school making the decision as to whether your child should wear one a personal choice.

How to get a child to wear a face mask:

The best way to ensure your child wears a face mask is by having conversations with them about the importance of wearing one, showing them how to put it on correctly and making it fun.

Also, choosing options that are colourful or include a print from their favourite TV show is a sure-fire way to get them on board.

Can face masks go out of date?

If you're using a re-usable facemask, there isn't a time limit to when they go out of date - although we do recommend only wearing these once before putting them in the wash. However, some surgical and protective masks do come with a designated shelf life/expiration date. If you're using one of these, the FDA says, "Face masks and surgical masks are designed to serve as protective barriers and may still offer some protection even if they are used beyond the manufacturer's designated shelf life or expiration date."

What face masks are good for sensitive skin?

Does your child have sensitive skin or does your teenager suffer from acne? We'd recommend choosing a silk face mask as it's gentle on the skin. Don't forget to steer clear of polyester and cotton options, which can irritate sensitive skin.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us