Experts claim beautiful women more likely to give birth to girls 👀


by Kayleigh Dray |

A controversial study has claimed that unattractive women are more likely to give birth to boys than girls. Er...

Yes, we’re deadly serious.

In what might just be the most outrageous and controversial study of all time, it has been claimed that attractive women are more likely to become mothers of daughters, as opposed to mothers of sons.

Er, excuse us?! What a load of rubbish.

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Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics tracked 17,000 British babies from their births in 1958.

When they turned seven-years-old, he asked that their teachers rate the children in terms of attractiveness.


And, when those same children turned 45, he interviewed them again to find out if they had welcomed any children of their own.

It was then that Kanazawa discovered that the women who’d been rates as most attractive as children were more likely to have had daughters than sons.

Those that had been rated as UNATTRACTIVE (super harsh, wouldn’t you say?) were more likely to have had sons.

So what’s the science behind it?

Well, Kanazawa believes that it’s all down to evolution; women are more likely to find a mate if they are pretty, or beautiful, while men can also expect to find a partner based on their job, status, and wealth (his words, not ours).

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He said: "Physical attractiveness, while a universally positive quality, contributes even more to women’s reproductive success than to men's."

Or, more simply put, since parents tend to pass on their most beneficial genes, and physical beauty is more useful to women than to men, a beautiful mother will pass on her characteristics to daughters.


It’s not the first time a study has concluded that beautiful women are more likely to give birth to daughters, but the theory seems more than a little iffy to us.

Firstly, ‘attractive’ children don’t always grow up to be beautiful… and a lot of ‘ugly ducklings’ will often grow up to be complete stunners in later life.

Secondly, beauty standards vary over time and with culture; what might have been seen as attractive in 1950s America might be VERY different to beauty standards in modern-day Britain.

And, finally, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Naomi Watts, Coleen Rooney, and Nicola McLean are all proud mums to bouncing boys - so it seems as if there are an AWFUL lot of exceptions to this bizarre rule.

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