18 things that happen at Christmas if you have divorced parents

Sure extra presents and extra food are great, but there's also a lot more annoying stuff that goes down.

Bridget Jones at Christmas

by Hannah Mellin |
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Having divorced parents has its ups and downs – especially at Christmas.

There are pros; like having two houses to hang out in, double the amount of family members… which means double the amount of presents.

But there are also cons; like having to choose who to spend Christmas day with, and having double the amount of people to buy presents for.

If you, like me, are a child of divorce, here are 18 things you’ll know to be true…

**Christmas takes a whole lot of extra planning **

You need military precision. Best to start in May.

And of course the big decision is where you’re gonna spend Christmas Day

Whatever you choose, someone’s gonna be unhappy. You usually start arguing about in August and come to a compromise (which everyone hates) around June. Arrrrrrgh.

Then you have to deliver the bad news

There's always that awkward 'I'm going to Mum/Dads' this year phonecall. And loads of grovelling apologies. DOOOOOM.

Alternating between the two each year is easier said than done

At the end of the day, it's where YOU want to be. Sometimes things happen...

You have to buy twice the amount of presents

Which means MORE MONEY that you would normally spend on wine. Sigh.

**And there's always a secret family member that you forget to buy for **

Who knew you had a secret cousin twice removed?

You have to deal with twice the number of awkward questions from relatives

"Such a pity your still single!" – yes yes, I KNOW!

**Both families are COMPLETELY opposite **

Honestly, sometimes you wonder how they ended up together in the first place!

And you totally have a favourite pair of grandparents

Sorry not sorry.

**You spend A LOT of time travelling **

Which seems a bit unfair. I mean, just because they’re divorced, doesn’t mean they can’t live on the same street… does it?!

**And missing out on parties with your pals **

Because going down the pub with your Uncle John just isn't the same.

But at least you don’t have to put up with your parent’s bickering

Which, you know, is a Christmas gift in itself!

Although obviously, there will still be some kind of massive family argument

Because Christmas… And families.

**And you swear you eat twice as much food as your mates whose parent’s are still together **

Because their parent’s aren’t trying to massively overcompensate.

But you secretly love having TWO Christmas dinners

Because really, who wouldn’t?

**AND you can write TWO Christmas lists **

Which, you know, is pretty much THE DREAM!

** And if you’re broke, you can totally re-gift presents you weren’t keen on from your first Christmas at your second one! **

Some call it ungrateful, we call it recycling...

And even though it’s all a right pain in the arse, it makes you realise that family is everything

Yes, they can be really annoying and make you play 5342 games of charades and eat 645 roast potatoes, and travel up and down the country feeling guilty the entire time… BUT, you wouldn't have it any other way.

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