Christmas gift wrapping: tips and ideas for the perfect-looking present

Gift wrapping – you either love it or loathe it. If you're in the latter bunch, you'll definitely need to check out these simple tips and ideas!

Wrapping Christmas presents tips and tricks

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It might seem like common knowledge but from personal experience it’s much more appealing to attempt wrapping on the carpet or, even worse, from our bed.

Do it on a hard surface – it will make your life so much easter.

Perfect present

You might have to watch it a few times, as this guy is ridiculously fast, but this video shows you how to wrap a box-shaped gift perfectly!

Get personal


This service is brilliant! To add a really personal touch to your presents, allows you to create wrapping paper from your own pictures. It’s our new favourite thing!


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It’s the perfect opportunity to use any old clothes cluttering up your closet. If you do it right, they’ll look even better than paper.

Paper bag

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If you can’t face the idea of wrapping that one REALLY awkward gift, use a brown paper bag and decorate it festively. It will look deliberate, not lazy.

Brown paper

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And on that note, using cheap brown paper to cover your presents will save tons of money – then simply decorate them with Christmassy designs of your choice. Add a bit of brown string instead of ribbon, and you’re good to go.

A Beautiful Mess

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We LOVE these gift tags. Use A Beautiful Mess to turn your favourite Instagram photos into perfectly personal notes.

Nice ribbon, simple box

If you’re running out of time – and patience – get a simple gift box adorn it with some really nice ribbon. It will shout ‘simple chic’, not ‘I couldn’t be ar*ed’.

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