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You'll NEVER guess how much money you'll spend on owning a car during your lifetime...

A study has revealed that the average motorist spends over £200,000 during their lifetime on the road.

Repairs, petrol, parking, insurance and car tax are among the things people splash their cash on.

In a survey taken by online lender MYJAR, it found that drivers spend £181 per year on cleaning costs, £343 on car insurance and on average they spend £439 a year for essential upkeep and repairs.

However the biggest expense is - of course - fuel which totals at a whopping £54,341 spent during their lifetime.


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Adele worth1 of 10

1. Adele (£132m)

It probably comes as no surprise that Adele is sitting comfortably on top of Heat's 2017 under 30s rich list. With 15 Grammy's under her belt, the 29-year-old mum-of-one is quite deservedly rolling in the cash.

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Who'd have thought back in 2001 that little Harry Potter would one day appear naked on Broadway (in the play Equus - not just as a streaker!) and be worth a stonking £78m? Not us, that's for sure! Good on ya, lad!

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4. Harry Styles (£50m)

The youngest celeb on the list, Harry Styles is officially the richest member of One Direction. Worth an impressive £50m, mini Mick Jagger (as he shall henceforth be known), seems to be smashing life as a solo star.

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Another Harry Potter alumni, Emma Watson seemed to have no troubles breaking free of Hermione, landing roles in films including The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Bling Ring, and Beauty and The Beast.

Ed Sheeran worth6 of 10

3. Ed Sheeran (£52m)

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6. Louis Tomlinson (£40m)

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6. Niall Horan (£40m)

Surely the sweetest member of One Direction (just look at his little face!), Niall Horan has been carving out a respectable name for himself as a solo artist, and recently topped the US album charts with his debut solo album, Flicker.

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10. Little Mix (£28m, £7m each)

Can we hear it for the girls? Yes, lovely Little Mix take 10th place in the richest Brit stars under 30. Although it should be noted that they're worth £28m as a group (not that we'd be complaining with £7m each!).

Filling up petrol
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The average driver will spend £6,943 on tax, £20,409 on parking over the years and over £21,000 on insurance. Not only that but it also came to light that the average adult will own five cars, worth a total of £41,976 in value, or £8,395.20 each.

Interestingly though, as Brits get older they tend to splash out a bit more on expensive cars (who can blame 'em) and while their first car costs around £1,717, their latest motor costs £6,845.

Spending money stressed
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However, one of the many advantages of having a car is that you'll find around £145 loose change in your car.

And while the major of London is trying to get more people cycling according to the research only one in 10 people think they could get by easily without their car, while over a half of the 2,000 people surveyed said their life utterly depends on it.


The huge amount of money spend on owning a vehicle has apparently lead to one fifth of the people surveyed taking out a loan and almost 50 per cent have paid the expenses on their credit cards.

Most Brits use a load or credit card to either buy a new or preowned car, buy petrol or paying for an unexpected repair bill.

The breakdown of how much you'll spend on your car...

Fuel - £54,341.28

Buying cars - £41,976.43

Repairs - £27,716.22

Insurance - £21,595.77

Parking - £20,409.48

Cleaning - £11,460.96

Servicing - £10,380.51

Accessories - £7,922.88

Tax - £6,943.86

Breakdown cover - £3,167.64

Fines - £710.01

The total of all these costs is a whopping £206,625!

What do you think of the expenses? Do you cycle more than drive? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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