Wayne Linker: everything you need to know about the Celebs Go Dating 2021 star

From Ibiza beach clubs to a Surrey mansion

Wayne Lineker

by Connie Hack |

Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion has ended returned but the celebs are still hitting the headlines.

During the latest series the celebs and regular folk stayed in the mansion which meant they can really get to know each other - with no social distancing measures.

The line-up included celebrities from all different career paths including Chloe Ferry (who returned for another series), Love Island's Curtis Pritchard, Made In Chelsea's Sophie Hermann and Wayne Lineker.

You've probably heard of him, his famous brother or even been to one of Wayne's clubs so we thought we'd fill you in on everything you need to know about the club owner...

Who is Wayne Lineker?

Wayne is a businessman and entrepreneur, who owns many beach clubs, nightclubs and restaurants. It all started out in 1988 with his own brand of sports bars called Lineker's Bar. They've since made their way to Costa del Sol, Majorca, Puerto Banus, as well as Ibiza. He is mainly known for owning the famous O Beach Ibiza.

How old is Wayne Lineker?

Wayne is 58 years old and has said he is "ready for a relationship".

He added, "I'm two years single now and if I don't get a girlfriend soon then it could be the end for me."

How many children does Wayne Lineker have?

Wayne has four children from three different mothers. He has three sons - Duane, Sean and Freddie and one daughter, Tia.

Who is Wayne Lineker's brother?

Former professional footballer and current sports presenter, Gary Lineker, is Wayne's older brother.

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Are Wayne Lineker and Chloe Ferry really engaged?

We're still kind of shook at the news but yes, well, according to Wayne they are engaged.

He shocked everyone when he posted a photo of himself and Chloe wearing a HUGE rock on her finger.

"She said YES! Love you @chloegshore1 πŸ§‘πŸ’πŸ˜‰," he wrote on Instagram.

Chloe simply replied, "Love you ❀️".

Err, what?! We didn't see this coming.

Although Anna Williamson did tell us that Wayne kept Chloe up all night during they filmed Celebs Go Dating...

However this wouldn't be the first time Wayne made a "joke" Instagram post. Remember when he shared his "criteria" for a future girlfriend? After his post went viral he explained, "This post is purely tongue in cheek banter... 🧑".

What is Wayne Lineker's dating history?

Wayne has been married twice and divorced twice, engaged twice and broke up twice.

His most recent relationship was with model, Danielle Sandhu, and they were engaged, however the pair split in November 2018 after being together for four years.

And during his time on Celebs Go Dating, the business owner has admitted to never dating anyone over the age of 30.

What are Wayne Lineker's dating requirements?

Wayne took to Instagram to let everyone know his dating criteria, starting with, "You must like older men but only me... You have to be a worldie and above 30 (Ok 28, 29 could work) but not my age as that would just look weird πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

"Be prepared to give up your career or job or at least be able to work from a laptop on a tropical beach somewhere. You need to be confident enough to be able to go to the front of the queue in nightclubs and accept a table and free drinks from the owners."

He added, "Accept and love my children and grandchildren and realise no more kids for me.. (never say never though)"

"Be intelligent but not boring. Outgoing suits πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ§‘ ".

After his post went viral with over 14k comments, he added, "This post is purely tongue in cheek banter...".

What is Wayne Lineker's Instagram?

Wayne Instagram is @waynelineker, expect to a lot of posts from his beach clubs.

What is Wayne Lineker's net worth?

It has been estimated that Wayne is worth Β£30 million.

Wayne Lineker's ideal date

Wayne has revealed that his ideal date is, "to go to a beautiful restaurant, have some nice food and some nice wine. Go home and see what happens."

He has said the reason that he is still single is because "it's so difficult to have a relationship with someone like me, surrounded by thousands of girls in bikinis all day... tough."

But he also mentioned that it's his family who wants him to find a significant other.

"Well my family decided for my own sanity and health that I needed a girlfriend. By that they meant 'Dad you gotta stop partying so hard'."

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Some viewers were not too pleased with Wayne Lineker during an episode of Celebs Go Dating. After being pied by Hannah, he went to tell the guys - Curtis and Karim Zeroual - that he ended things with Hannah and she mutually agreed with his decision.

However, that was not what we were shown, in fact it was Hannah who had called it off with Wayne and decided to leave the mansion.

Viewers took to social media to voice their opinions on the episode, "Wayne is such a liar! You’re too old for that mate. Tell the truth, your children are watching,” someone tweeted.

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