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After 12 weeks of popular TV show The Apprentice, the final took place on Sunday, but viewers were left fuming at the result

Sarah Lynn, 35 and James White, 26 made it into the final after seeing off 16 other candidates including Michaela Wain, Elizabeth McKenna and Joanna Jarjue.

But what happened in the 2017 final really didn't impress viewers. Instead of choosing one finalist to be his business partner, Lord Alan Sugar left everybody in shock by making both finalists the winners.

For the first time in the show's history, Sugar revealed he "genuinely couldn't decide" and told them, "This particular year, I'm going to double my investment. I'm going to start a business with both of you."

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Adele worth1 of 10

1. Adele (£132m)

It probably comes as no surprise that Adele is sitting comfortably on top of Heat's 2017 under 30s rich list. With 15 Grammy's under her belt, the 29-year-old mum-of-one is quite deservedly rolling in the cash.

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6. Liam Payne (£40m)

In sixth place (along with his 1D bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan) is Liam Payne. Worth a cool £40m, he's worth double that of his girlfriend and baby mama, Cheryl Tweedy.

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Who'd have thought back in 2001 that little Harry Potter would one day appear naked on Broadway (in the play Equus - not just as a streaker!) and be worth a stonking £78m? Not us, that's for sure! Good on ya, lad!

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4. Harry Styles (£50m)

The youngest celeb on the list, Harry Styles is officially the richest member of One Direction. Worth an impressive £50m, mini Mick Jagger (as he shall henceforth be known), seems to be smashing life as a solo star.

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5. Emma Watson (£48m)

Another Harry Potter alumni, Emma Watson seemed to have no troubles breaking free of Hermione, landing roles in films including The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Bling Ring, and Beauty and The Beast.

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3. Ed Sheeran (£52m)

He may be just a normal bloke who enjoys nothing more than a pint (or eight), but Ed Sheeran's bank account is pretty extraordinary. And with his song-writing prowess (Shape of You reached number 1 in 44 countries!), we predict his bank balance to keep growing.

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6. Louis Tomlinson (£40m)

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6. Niall Horan (£40m)

Surely the sweetest member of One Direction (just look at his little face!), Niall Horan has been carving out a respectable name for himself as a solo artist, and recently topped the US album charts with his debut solo album, Flicker.

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10. Little Mix (£28m, £7m each)

Can we hear it for the girls? Yes, lovely Little Mix take 10th place in the richest Brit stars under 30. Although it should be noted that they're worth £28m as a group (not that we'd be complaining with £7m each!).

As a result of his decision, both Sarah and James will receive a £250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with Lord Sugar.

After the decision was made, viewers quickly took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the result:

Speaking about his decision, Lord Sugar said, "Deciding on a winner was the most difficult decision I have had to make in all 13 series of** The Apprentice **to date.

"James and Sarah were extremely impressive and their proposed business plans were very different but equally strong."

He added: "I genuinely couldn't decide between them, so after deliberating long and hard, I decided to stump up £500,000 and invest in them both."

Alan Sugar
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Sarah and James join previous winners including Tom Pellereau, Alana Spencer and Mark Wright. Sarah will work on her sweet business, whilst James will be running an IT recruitment business.

Congratulations to the Sarah and James!

The Apprentice is expected to return to our TV screens in 2018.

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