Strictly’s Tilly Ramsey and Nikita Kuzmin fuel ‘curse’ rumours

That didn't take long

Tilly Ramsay Nikita Kuzmin

by Marianna Manson |

Strictly Come Dancing is less than two weeks in but there’s already been rumours of the infamous curse wreaking havoc among this year’s contestants.

YouTube chef and daughter of Gordon Ramsay, Tilly Ramsay, is partnered with Strictly newbie Nikita Kuzmin and the chemistry between them was evident from the start.

And despite Nikita’s girlfriend Nicole Wirt initially cheering on the pair on her social media, she’s now deleted all traces of support. The initial post read, “Cheering on my favs” and called their Waltz, to Camilla Cabello’s Consequences, “mesmerising”, along with a series of love heart emojis.

Earlier this week she cryptically posted, “Stop complaining so much over things you can't change or control” and “Overthinking never lead me anywhere good…”.

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Speaking to The Sun a source said, “Tilly’s dad did warn her, ‘Don’t date any of those dancers’.

“Nicole’s ‘overthinking’ might well be fuelled by all the speculation going on online among viewers who can see an amazing partnership developing between Nikita and Tilly.”

Speculation was further fuelled when Nikita was spotted heading over to Tilly’s flat after rehearsals last week, with reports suggesting he spent the whole evening there.


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“Nikita was first and waited outside before Tilly arrived a few minutes later. They were grinning from ear-to-ear, chatting and laughing,' a witness told the same publication.

“They looked very comfortable in each other's company, quite flirty. There is a clear physical chemistry. After strolling to the door they headed inside and stayed all evening.”

“It’s no secret that Tilly and Nikita have hit it off really well. A lot of the older cast and crew think they’re really cute.”

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