Married At First Sight’s Megan Wolfe: ‘I’m still looking for love – but no one’s slid into my DMs!’

After failing to find her Mr Right on Married At First Sight, Megan Wolfe exclusively tells Closer she’s not giving up on romance

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She was one of Married At First Sight UK's most controversial figures, causing shockwaves with an illicit kiss with someone else’s “husband”.

But now Megan Wolfe tells Closer that viewers weren’t shown the whole story.

The wellness coach and budding actress, 26, was partnered with business protection specialist Bob Voysey. But after lamenting about her lack of attraction to him, she secretly shared a snog with personal trainer Jordon Mundell, who was “married” to model Alexis Conomou.

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Jordon "cheated" on Alexis with Megan ©Channel 4

The kiss caused chaos among the cast and many viewers expressed sympathy for Bob, who was seen breaking down at the subsequent commitment ceremony. Later in the series, other cast members expressed their shock and disapproval over how Megan had barely apologised and warned Bob “not to be a doormat”.

But now Megan says that things weren’t quite as they seemed. She says, “It was just one drunken kiss – me and Jordon have not spoken since and I don’t plan to speak to him.

“I definitely regret that situation – firstly, because Jordon and I wouldn’t have worked together anyway, and secondly, because of the pain it caused Alexis and Bob. I apologised a lot to Alexis, but that wasn’t shown.

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The cast of MAFS UK ©Channel 4

“There’s a lot that viewers didn’t see. Bob and I got on really well, although it didn’t seem that way. I spent a lot of time with him, working with him to improve his confidence – that’s part of what I do as a wellness coach. He came out a lot more confident than when he went in. I did nothing but tell him how amazing he was, but no one saw that.”

Megan says she applied for MAFS because she has never had a boyfriend and wanted to find the “absolute love” of her life, describing her type as “big and muscly”.

However, she was disappointed as romance failed to blossom with extrovert Bob and the pair left the show as just friends.

But Megan says that the show hasn’t put her off love – although she hasn’t had any date requests from fans so far.

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Megan and Bob at their wedding ©Channel 4

She says, “The experiment has taught me that I’m going to have to learn to compromise and that relationships aren’t easy. But I’m not put off – I’ll be a hopeless romantic for the rest of my life. The show has given me a much clearer vision of exactly what my life partner will look like. It’s someone similar to Bob, but who has down time and is a bit more like me.

“I’m definitely looking for love, but I’ve had not one person slide into my DMs [direct messages]! My inbox has been as dry as the Sahara – it’s pretty sad, really.”

Thanks to the success of MAFS, Megan’s Instagram following has skyrocketed from 534 followers when she started to 45,000 now.

Stars of other reality shows like Love Island and TOWIE have gone on to have successful careers, as well as totally overhaul their looks with surgery and fillers.

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Married At First Sight: Megan's behind the scenes secrets

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CREDIT: Channel 4

'We'd often have to repeat things'

If the camera operator didn't get the right shot, we'd have to do it again. For example, I walked down the staircase in my wedding dress four times!

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CREDIT: Channel 4

‘It wasn’t all drama’

It appeared that Alexis and I hated each other, but we really didn't. We got on really well – she spent so much time in my apartment with me. She's a total queen!

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CREDIT: Instagram / morag_moo

‘It takes hours to film’

It was endless! Filming could go into the early hours of the morning. But there were lots of breaks throughout the day and it was really fun.

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But Megan says she’s determined to stay grounded and isn’t keen to go under the knife any time soon.

She says, “I’d consider surgery if something was making me miserable and if it would improve my mental wellbeing. In that case, I don’t see anything wrong with it, but at the minute there’s nothing I’d want to change.

“My experience on Married At First Sight was crazy – there were so many highs and lows. But it hasn’t put me off wanting to work in television. I’d love to move into presenting. I couldn’t do Love Island – I can’t think of anything worse, as I think I’d be possessive over my man. I think I’ll steer clear of reality TV in the future.”

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