Paul C Brunson’s wife: who is the Married At First sight dating expert married to?

The love guru is happily married

Paul C Brunson wife

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Love guru Paul Carrick Brunson is known for dishing out the dating advice on shows like Married At First Sight UK and Celebs Go Dating, so it makes sense that he’s happily married himself and has been loved up with his wife Jill for over 20 years.

Seeing as he’s currently on our screens coaching the MAFS brides and grooms, we thought we’d take a deep dive into Paul’s relationship with Jill, including how they met and whether they have any children.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Who is Paul C Brunson's wife?

Paul is happily married to his wife Jill. They work together as matchmakers and relationship coaches and she also homeschools their two sons.

How did Paul C Brunson meet his wife Jill?

Paul and Jill met as undergraduates at Old Dominion University in Virginia, USA.

It turns out it was love at first sight as Paul admits, "One of my first thoughts was, ‘Yup I’m going to make this my mission that to make this woman, I mean girl, she was a girl at that time, into my girlfriend.’”

He added, "Turns out one of my friends was trying to date her, and she was trying to set me up with one of her friends. So we were trying to matchmake our friends and ended up matchmaking ourselves."

How long have Paul C Brunson and his wife Jill been married?

Paul and Jill have been married since 2000.

The dating expert previously revealed that he dressed up as his wife's favourite singer Al Green to surprise her at their wedding.

In a social media post, he wrote, "I practiced singing and imitating a young Al Green for 4 weeks. I grew more nervous about the idea every day. On the day of the wedding, after the reception began, I told my wife I had to go to the bathroom. I then changed into my Al Green costume, the band started playing and announced Al Green was in the building. The entire wedding went wild and then I walked on stage singing 😂. The wedding cheered even more!

"I stayed in character the entire time. As I was singing my wife's favorite song, I walked over and started dancing with her. It was all magical and I thought everyone loved it, UNTIL... my mother-in-law, looking very upset, grabbed my father-in-law and said 'GO GET PAUL and why is Jill dancing and kissing this other man' 😂😂😂."

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Do Paul C Brunson and his wife Jill have children?

Paul and Jill are parents to sons Liam and Kingston.

What has Paul C Brunson said about his marriage to wife Jill?

On his website, Paul says his journey and relationship with Jill has been "the greatest teacher in my life".

He continued, "The lessons have come in moments of pain and pleasure. Through 'ups', such as the birth of our son Kingston nearly two years ago, to ebbing events, like the loss of family and friends.

Does Paul C Brunson have Instagram?

You can follow Paul on Instagram at @paulcbrunson.

Does Paul C Brunson's wife Jill have Instagram?

Yep, Jill's on Instagram at @jillvbrunson

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