Love Island: fans reckon Lucinda Strafford is the ‘spitting image’ of this TOWIE star

Viewers can't stop with the reality TV crossovers


by Marianna Manson |

Reality TV fans have been drawing comparisons between a Love Islander and a TOWIE star on Twitter and now we’ve seen it, we can’t unsee it.

Lucinda Strafford has been making waves since entering the villa last week alongside Millie Court, instantly catching the eye of Brad McClelland who swiftly dumped Rachel Finni just hours after telling her she was just his type.

Lucinda Strafford

But some fans are more preoccupied by the fact she seems to have a doppleganger in one Ella Rae Wise from TOWIE.

Taking to Twitter in their droves to point out the resemblance, one said, “Anyone else think #Lucinda has got a look of that Ella from #towie or is it just me?!"

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Chloe Burrows

Chloe may have caught all the boys' attentions as evidenced in a recent explosive episode, but you can see she's always been a stunner from this uni halls pic taken way back in 2015.

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“Anyone else think Lucinda #loveisland is the spitting image of Ella out of #towie ?? “ asked another, while one more wrote, “All I see when watching #LoveIsland is Millie looks like Amber Turner & Lucinda looks like Ella from Towie …”.

Meanwhile, Ella is hardly a shy and retiring wallflower on TOWIE either, earlier this year revealing that some of her more, erm, explosive scenes were cut “for legal reasons”.

Following a huge fallout with her best friend Kelsey Stratford over accusations she "had a fling with a married man", Ella said on social media, "Everyone's quick to comment on 'be kind', trolling and mental health, well practice what you preach.

"I wouldn't ever dream of commenting or messaging abuse to someone that I see on a TV program for a split second.

"Remember it's a show and we can film up to an hour a scene which can be cut to however they want to portray.

"I had said my point and stated facts but unfortunately didn't make the edit for legal reasons".


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Lucinda isn't the only Love Island/TOWIE comparison viewers have made, with fans pointing out that Millie and her current squeeze Liam Rheardon look A LOT like Amber Turner and Dan Edgar.

"Why do Millie & Liam looks so much like Amber Turner & Dan Edgar 🤯 #towie #loveIsland @LoveIsland @OnlyWayIsEssex," wrote one fan.

Someone else commented, "Millie and Liam are a carbon copy of Amber and Dan #loveIsland #towie".

A third wrote, "Sorry but I can’t be the only one seeing this #LoveIsland #towie #doppelganger".

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