EXCLUSIVE Billy Brown reveals what happens when you leave the Love Island villa

And it's kinda odd...

by Hannah Mellin |

When you've existed in the Love Island bubble for weeks, adjusting back into normal life must be so disorientating, especially when you're catapulted to the top of reality TV fame. Everyone wants a piece of you.

As Love Island dumpings and recouplings are filmed days before we watch them, we've always wondered what the Islanders do when they leave the villa. Where do they go? Can they speak to people? Are they allowed their phones? Do they stay in a hotel? Are they separated from other dumped Islanders?

In the latest episode of Love Island Secrets, we asked Billy Brown (our saving grace when it comes to juicy Love Island gossip) and he revealed exactly what happened when he left the villa.

Billy, who was savagely dumped alongside Summer Botwe at the Vibes club, revealed, "When me and Summer left, we got straight into a taxi, go to the holding villa for a couple of days and you literally have no phone, nothing, you can't contact no one."

The holding villa is believed to be a smaller version of the main villa, which is where the OG Islanders and bombshells are kept when they 'quarantine' for a number of weeks before entering the villa.

He then spilled what happens when you're then released back into the wild (lol), "When you get dropped at the airport you get your phone back, which I found mad, because you can't look at anything because no one knows you've been dumped until days after.

"We went straight from the Vibes club, we didn't go back to the villa. Deji packed my stuff but I've still not got it back yet.

"[When I was dumped it] was like, 'see you later, bye'. It was weird for me and Summer because we got told and then had to leave straight away."

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Billy also told Closer that he finds seeing people "mad" now he's out of the villa because he was so used to seeing the same group of people all day everyday and his screen time has sky rocketed, especially as he was hardly ever on his phone pre-Love Island.

"I was a scaffolder so my alarm used to go off at 4am!"

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