Love Island: all the contestants’ exes who have gone into the villa

There's been more than one

by Ben Pulsford |

How does the old saying about degrees of seperation go, again? Everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people. That's right. Well, when it comes to reality stars – especially Love Island stars – that number drops to about two or three.

One if your Tom Zanetti.

Anyway, celeb dating maths aside, the number of Islander exes that have ended up going into the villa is actually way higher than you think; in fact, there's more than enough to cast an All Star Exes Love Island special. ITV, call us.

These famous, and in some cases infamous, Love Islanders might've found fame in the villa, but they were living the high-life WAY before jetting off to Majorca, thanks to their famous exes.


All the contestants' exes who have gone into the Love Island villa

Jack Fowler Antigoni Buxton.
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Love Island 2018's Jack Fowler and new 2021 bombshell Antigoni Buxton supposedly dated for a few months. According to reports, the pair hooked up for several weeks, but the relationship ended up fizzling out before anyone put a label on it. Prior to her fling with Jack and her ceremonious entrance into the Love Island villa, Antigoni dated her childhood sweetheart for nine years - dumping him for her singing career.

Charlie Frederick and Arabella Chi
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Love Island and Made in Chelsea star Charlie Frederick and Arabella Chi have a heated dating history. When Arabella entered the villa, 2018 Islander Charlie, who has also took to his social media accounts to slam the model, claiming he thought the pair were still dating. Clearing things up, Arabella said, "I was seeing him up until about a month until I went in. I obviously couldn't tell him that I was going into the villa because I was scared he was going to leak it to the press, even though I wanted to."

"I was in a really difficult position, he knew it wasn't going to be like a full relationship. He knew I'd just come out of a relationship and I very much just wanted to date. But I think the feelings developed on his side."

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Lucie Donlan dated Love Island bad boy Charlie Frederick - even spending a month together in Portugal - prior to her stint on the show. According to Lucie, the relationship "fizzled" out. Lucie told MailOnline, "When he came off [the show] he put a story on Instagram saying he was heading to Newquay and asked if anyone had a surfboard he could borrow and I replied telling him I had one he could borrow, and then it kind of sped up and we went surfing." According to reports, Charlie ended the relationship, claiming Lucie was "too immature" for him. There's certainly no love lost between this pair.

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Gemma Owen ex, Jacques O'Neill entered the 2022 villa on week two, rattling Michael Owen's daughter. The pair admitted to dating for eight months and splitting a year and a half ago. Neither has divulged what caused the split.

Jack Fincham Ex
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Lordy Lord, this was an explosive use of a bombshell, Love Island. Well done. Producers introduced Jack Fincham's ex girlfriend Ellie Jones to the 2018 villa. Boom. According to Ellie, "I was seeing Jack Fincham on and off. We met in August 2016 and dated on and off for a while. We have always spoken because we got on so well."

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Tom Powell and Emma-Jane Woodhams were both part of the 2016 series of Love Island and both dated each other before entering the villa. Escándalo.

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Throwing it back to the very first season of Love Island in 2015, who remembers when Jordan Ring had to sit back and watch as his ex Jasmine was brought in as dinner date number four for Max Morley and Josh Ritchie? If you don't his face looked a tad like it does in the picture above? Hulkish, yet hurt. Bless. We don't know much, but we know it ended badly.

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