Love Island: did the producers take it too far with the postcard?

Last night's episode was intense...

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Since Casa Amor began Love Island has finally started heating up but in last night's episode the girls back in the OG villa received a postcard showing the boys latest antics.

Viewers have watched as all the boys (excluding Jake Cornish and Teddy Soares) crack on with the new bombshells, while the girls have remained loyal and slept outside.

Things finally changed after the girls saw photos of all the boys kissing or getting up close and personal with the Casa Amor newbies.

love island casa amor postcard girls reaction
last night the girls received a postcard ©ITV

However it appears that two Islanders have been completely misled following that infamous postcard and they include Faye Winter and Millie Court.

Faye saw a photo of Teddy kissing Juliette however she's unaware that it was during a game of truth or dare. Meanwhile Millie only saw Liam sleeping in a bed with one of the bombshells despite the fact that he had a three-way kiss and has shown interest in Lillie Haynes.

Viewers have expressed their outrage at the postcard with one person tweeted, "F--k the producers letting Millie believe Liam has behaved #LoveIsland".

love island teddy Juliette
teddy and Juliette kissed in a game ©ITV

Someone else said, "The fact that Faye had no idea Teddy is waiting for her and misses her😭PRODUCERS PLAY DIRTY #LoveIsland".

Another person wrote, "Producers want to see Millie standing alone when Liam prances in with Lily, that's why we didn't see him doing her dirty right? Oh this is bad #LoveIsland".

A fourth person commented, "The producers have done Teddy dirty and destroyed Faye's confidence and their relationship for some good telly, they've gone too far 😠#LoveIsland".

love island liam and lillie
liam has been getting close to lillie ©ITV

One more added, "Are you joking?? Why have they done that to Faye and Teddy? They were so strong. #LoveIsland producers went too far this time. Fuming."

After receiving the postcard some of the girls decided to crack on with the bombshell boys and by the end of the episode, Kaz Kamwi had snogged newbie Matthew MacNabb.

Meanwhile Liberty, Millie and Abigail Louise have all remained loyal and slept outside of the bedroom.

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There have been a couple of notable teary times from Samira Mighty. Firstly, she cried in frustration to Megan Barton Hanson, confused at why no one ever fancies her (which is a fair enough question because she's mega-babez). And when Samira finally DID find love with Frankie Foster, the public cruelly voted him out just days later. Samira broke down, crying: "I just don't understand."NEITHER DO WE, SAMIRA.Tear tally: 9 (mostly because she also had to put up with Alex in the first week)

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In more Love Island related news, Rachel Finni – who was booted out of the villa earlier this month – has told Closer magazine that the team behind the ITV show have made the mental health and welfare of contestants a top priority.

"The mental health checks are amazing – you have a thorough assessment ahead of going in and 24-hour support in the villa with a therapist who you speak to every day.

"When I left, I had regular calls with a therapist to check I was OK. They ask if you’re sleeping, how you’re feeling – they couldn’t do any more."

She added that he she is "on cloud nine" after the experience and said, "You’re so looked after. The food was amazing – steamed fish and clams in white wine sauce."

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