Georgia Kousoulou reveals the ONE thing she’ll never do on TOWIE

This could be the secret to a successful relationship

Georgia Kousoulou

by Connie Hack |

Georgia Kousoulou has been on TOWIE for seven years and the show has followed her relationship with Tommy Mallet but she's now revealed the one thing she would never do onscreen.

Now with TOWIE being a reality show, a lot of their lives get shown on TV, but Georgia has admitted that the reason her relationship is still strong and that they've managed to stay together is because they're "a team".

Georgia featured on Vicky Pattison's podcast, Vicky Pattison: The Secret To, where she spoke about starring on TOWIE and how she wouldn't air arguments that she had with Tommy on the show.

"My mum always said to me, never air your dirty laundry. There is a line that you do not cross, and I'm lucky the producers never did - I mean they probably did at the beginning - but once that line was drawn, no one was crossing that line.

"We would literally be like 'listen we're not doing it'... we never turned on each other and I think that's why we're still here," she confessed.

Georgia continued, "My relationship means more to me than the show - I love TOWIE, that's why I'm still on it, I love my team, it's the best job in the world - but at the same time I love my relationship more so I was never going to cross that line."

The pregnant star even admitted that her co-stars would ask why she has it so easy and instead is able to just give her opinion on other people on the show.

"I do like giving an opinion whereas a lot of people don't, you pick your role [on the show]," she explained.

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Vicky, who rose to fame on Geordie Shore, praised Georgia for being true to herself, by choosing not to air every part of her relationship.

The Geordie star also admitted that from experience she has seen how reality shows can have an affect the couples who feature on the shows.

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And during their chat on the podcast Georgia confirmed that she is doing her own spin-off show with Tommy.

Georgia and Tommy will be filming TOWIE alongside their own show. The show will show the "sentimental" parts of their pregnancy so the viewers don't miss out on their journey.

"We'll film an hour [long episode] before the baby is here of the preparation, moving house and stuff.

"And then the next step will be the baby's first moment," she confirmed.

The couples baby is due in May this year. They first announced their pregnancy in mid December and revealed to their fans last month that they are expecting a boy.

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