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Love Island's Dani Dyer confirms filming has started on the new reality TV show following her family life and relationship with Jack Fincham.

Now that summer is officially over and the temperature outside has dropped about 4147314 degrees, Love Island 2018 feels like a distant memory. We've been looking for something to fill the Love Island void for quite some time now, and while the autumn telly is looking pretty fab, we miss hanging out with the likes of Dani Dyer, Jack Fincham et al in the swanky Love Island villa.

Luckily, Dani has now confirmed filming for her new reality TV show has already started, meaning we'll soon be able to catch up with the Love Island 2018 winners in the natural habitat.

Speaking about the new show - which will also feature her parents Joanne and Danny Dyer as well as her nan and granddad, Bruv - Dani told Capital Breakfast: '"Yeah, we’ve just sort of started. It’s exciting. It is hard work though, it’s sort of back to all that again ain’t it? I’m like ‘oh no Dan, here we go again."

Jack and Dani

Dani revealed she found it 'weird' adjusting to having cameras follow her every move again, but joked her nan was 'loving' the attention.

The 22-year-old also confirmed granddad Bruv's appearance, after he went down a storm when he appeared on Love Island this summer.

She added: "Yeah, Bruv! Yeah, he goes ‘oh no, no I don’t want to go out!’ – I can’t do a Spanish accent, that’s how he does it!'"

Dani's dad Danny recently voiced his concerns about the upcoming reality show while appearing on Good Morning Britain, explaining to Richard Arnold it could be "brilliant or it could be a car crash."

He said: "We're going to go and have some meetings about it and we're going to see how we feel about it."

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Closer Jack and Dani cutest moments (slider)

jack and dani hug love island1 of 22

When Jack consoled Dani

Dani felt so bad about choosing Samira and Alex as one of the least compatible couples in the villa. Viewers watched her collapse on the sofa in tears as she regretted her decision, saying how much she loved Samira and didn't want her to leave. Jack was right beside her giving her a cuddle and reassuring her to not feel bad about the decision. Bless them both...

jack and dani hideaway2 of 22

When Jack and Dani slept in the Hideaway

OF COURSE the loved-up pair were chosen by their fellow housemates to spend an evening together in the hideaway. But what's more, Jack is continuously respectful of Dani wanting to take it slow, saying "no funny business though, but it'll be nice just to be on my own with her, and just chill out and have a laugh really. Just me and Dani..." Could they BE any cuter?

jack dani breakfast love island3 of 22

When Jack cooked Dani breakfast

Jack got up extra early the morning after spending the night in The Hideaway, just to make Dani a super special breakfast. He brought it into The Hideaway's private terrace and treated her to some toast, al fresco. AWWWW.

jack dani snog love island4 of 22

When they snogged for the first time

Dani is taking it really slow in the villa, so much so that she wouldn't even snog Jack for the first week of coupling up with him. She'd kiss him on the lips, but no tongues allowed. It was such a sweet moment when the pair had their first proper smooch - Jack was over the moon!

jack dani bed love island5 of 22

When they cuddle every morning before getting up

Whilst this may be an ongoing moment, it is ridiculously cute to watch sleepy Dani and Jack cuddling in bed every morning, cocooned in a haze of love! We're starry eyed...

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend6 of 22

When Jack asked Dani to be his girlfriend

It doesn't get much cuter than when Jack took Dani aside and asked her to be his girlfriend. We knew it was coming for a while but that didn't stop us crying at how lovely it was. #Janiforever

jack dani date7 of 22
CREDIT: jack dani date

When they went on a date on the beach

Dani and Jack's first official date was a romantic stroll on the beach and a dip in the sea. They grew so much closer on this date, discussing their families and how they wanted to meet each other's. Dani said, "You can meet my family and all. That sounds scary!", before adding: "I think they'd like you, just carry on being you and being lovely."

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend8 of 22

When Jack and Dani both remained loyal

Despite being fan favourites, we can't forget the horrible moment Dani discovered Jack's ex Ellie Jones had entered Casa Amor. Poor Dani broke down in tears in the meanwhile unaware that her boyfriend Jack was remaining loyal and even slept outside.God we love them.All was well when Jack returned to the villa alone (obviously) and despite Ellie living with them - she was in a couple with Sam Bird - the Essex lovebird's relationship only got stronger.Following the heart-breaking moment Dani sobbed her heart out, Ofcom received more than 2,000 complaints with Peter Andre's wife Emily MacDonagh speaking out and issuing the producers with a stark warning.

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend9 of 22

When Jack asked Dani to move in with him

For their last date Jack and Dani went on a hot air balloon date bright and early in the morning. It was up in the clouds that Jack asked his girlfriend to move in with him when they leave the villa.It was really cute, tbh.

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend10 of 22

When Jack and Dani declared their love for each other in their speech

During their last day in the villa, Jack and Dani (like the rest of the islanders) declared their love for each other and admitted they were "excited" to move in together and have a family one day. Their speeches were so adorable Laura Anderson teared up and so did Josh Denzel.

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend11 of 22

When it was rumoured that Jack and Dani will get MARRIED next year

Days after winning Love Island 2018 and leaving the villa, it was reported that the happy couple would get married as early as next year. Speaking to The Sun, Jack said: "We're getting married next year, 100 per cent. Like my mum said to me so many times, 'When you know about someone, you just know'."And now I know what she's talking about. I just know that's what we want to do."

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend12 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

When Jack and Dani tucked into Chinese takeaway

After spending eight weeks in the villa, Jack and Dani treated themselves to a Chinese takeaway and we have to say we're VERY jealous. Posting a photo of all their grub on Instagram, Dani wrote: "All we have wanted @jack_charlesf" Her boyfriend added: "Been waiting for this @danidyerxx."

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend13 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

When Dani met Jack's friends

Jack proved his was eager for Dani to meet his friends because less than a week after winning Love Island, they all went out for a meal. after leaving the villa, Jack revealed that Dani had met all his friends and their girlfriends.

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend14 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / jack_charlesf

When Jack met the Dyer family

It was the moment we were all waiting for and we reckon they were nervous for - meeting the in-laws. For Dani's 22nd birthday she spent it at her family homeand Jack (of course) joined her and the Dyer family.How cute is this picture of Jack and Dani with her younger siblings?

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend15 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

When Dani defended her man on Twitter

Just when you thought all that Casa Amor drama was over it turns out it wasn't! The drama was revisited when a friend of Ellie's told The Sun: "They unfollowed each other on Instagram but she has noticed he still watches her stories."She's 100 per cent certain he's going to contact her soon. He's watched every single one since he unfollowed her."However Dani threw shade at her boyfriend's ex and branded the report "embarrassing" before tweeting "#MoveOnHun"Ooo.

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend16 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / jack_charlesf

When Jack and Dani moved in together

They said they'd move in together after leaving the villa and they did not waste any time. The Love Island 2018 winners shared photos and videos of their fancy new pad that they bought together. Announcing the news on Instagram, Jack posted a photo of himself and his girlfriend and wrote: "What a lovely morning we've had! Exciting ud83cudfe0ud83dudd10"

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend17 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

When Jack FINALLY met Danny Dyer

Okay so technically they'd met before this moment but this was the first photo shared on social media of Jack and Danny Dyer and we LOVE it. Dani and her dad tried to turn Jack into a West Ham fan but it proved unsuccessful...On Instagram the former salesman wrote: "Good day bad result ⚽ufe0f @danidyerxx @officialdannydyer I ain't converted ud83dude02"

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend18 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / jack_charlesf

When Dani met Jack's family

How lovely is this snap of Dani sitting with all of Jack's family? Very cute.

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend19 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / jack_charlesf

When Jack and Dani spent the Sunday with Bruv

Love Island viewers loved Bruv almost as much as Jack and Dani following his hilarious appearance on Love Island. In August, the Dyer family and Jack spent their Sunday having a "nice little roast" at Bruv's house.

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend20 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

When Jack and Dani had their first joint TV interview

We hadn't seen Jack and Dani together on TV since those days in the villa so everyone was over the moon when it was announced that they'd appear on This Morning together with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. During their appearance they discussed life outside the villa, meeting the in-laws and they denied they're getting married next year.Dani explained: "Not yet. I'd have to be engaged now if I was getting married next year."Jack added: "Not any time soon but we want to eventually."

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend21 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / jack_charlesf

When Jack gushed about Dani

In September it was announced thatDani signed a £500,000 deal with In The Style. Proud of his other half, Jack posted this photo on Instagram and wrote: "Really proud of @danidyerxx for her own clothing at @inthestyle"

jack dani girlfriend boyfriend22 of 22
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

When Jack and Dani joined the Do Bits Society

Two months after leaving the villa and Dani spoke out about 'doing bits' with her boyfriendand admitted she was "petrified".She explained: "I thought we should have a glass of wine beforehand but in the end I was sober as a judge and it was all right!"

This comes as Jack and Dani are adjusting to life living together in London after spending the summer joint at the hip in the Love Island villa.

Jack recently opened up about some of the issues the couple have faced in their new home while chatting to previous Love Island winner Kem Cetinay on his new Instagram TV show Kem's Cuts.

He said, ""Between me and you mate, I’m terrible when it comes to mess so that does cause a few bickers.

"But, you know, I’m learning mate...I’m getting better”.

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