Dani Dyer Love Island ’emotional abuse’ – Peter Andre’s wife Doctor Emily issues stark warning to producers

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by Hollie Richardson |

Thousands of fans complained when Love Island producers upset Dani Dyer with misleading footage of boyfriend Jack Fincham

Qualified doctor Emily MacDonagh, 28, has urged Love Island bosses to be careful with contestants' emotions after Dani Dyer, 22, was in floods of tears due to their cruel tactics.

Emily, who is the wife of forty-five-year-old Peter Andre, has made the concerned comments after producers sent Dani a craftily edited video of boyfriend Jack Fincham, 26 while he was in Casa Amor last week.

It showed Jack's response to his ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones, 22, entering the secret villa, which led Dani to break down in tears without knowing the full story (Jack had no interest in Ellie).

Dani Dyer

Responding in OK! magazine, Emily said: "It did seem to put her through unnecessary stress, so I didn’t think that was acceptable. She is a real person with real emotions, so the producers have to be careful."

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There wasn't a dry tear in the villa when the contestants family members dropped by for parents day, but the stand out star of the show was Alexandra's mum, Janice.She had a thing or two to say to Dr Alex George about the way he's treated her daughter and viewers became obsessed with Janice and her SASSY remarks.The first thing she said was: "Oh Alex I don't know what show you thought you were coming on."Awkward!She then said: "When you recoupled and you seemed to expect her to be grateful, and you, I think, made some comment 'what's the matter with her, why she's so grumpy?'"What did you expect a girl to feel like after she'd been rejected. I thought 'hey young man, I'll have words with you!"However, her ultimate burn was when she delivered the line: "You're not nearly as red in the flesh as it sometimes comes across on TV."

Following the aired episode, viewers were appalled and quickly pointed out the 'emotional abuse' Dani experienced.

One fan tweeted: "just complained to @Ofcom about the horrible treatment of Dani Dyer in last nights episode ... @itv2 mental and emotional abuse to someone should not be made in order to get entertaining TV ( which it most definately wasn’t) #lovelsland"

Another said: "I feel like @LoveIsland took it a bit too far tonight. Saddened by the way they used emotional abuse on Dani Dyer for their ratings tbh. disappointing"

And another voiced: "Actually fuming. Why would @LoveIsland only show @Dani_MasDyer that clip and not all the other respectful things he's done?! Causing her that much anxiety is practically emotional abuse #loveisland"

Emily's comments come after OfCom responded to a whopping 2,525 complaints last week. The TV regulator told The Sun: “We are assessing these complaints against our broadcasting rules, before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

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Emily Andre

Emily's doctor father was treating Peter for an illness before he introduced his daughter to the pop star. Emily was a medical student while dating Peter and she qualified in 2015. She has since discussed medical issues on Lorraine.

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