Coronation Street fans left ‘fuming’ after the show reveal a MAJOR spoiler

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Corrie fans have been left less than impressed after the ITV soap tweeted an upcoming spoiler

Viewers of Coronation Street were in for a shock this weekend after the shows Twitter account revealed up an upcoming spoiler waaaay before it has aired on TV.


If you're a fan who's keen on spoiler then you'll know that Gary Windass is bowing out of the show soon. It was previously reported that he would be killed off in a Ukraine explosion.

A source told The Sun: " Gary’s family are devastated after they’re told of his tragic death.

"Gary’s mum Anna is told that he was killed driving a diplomat whose car was ambushed, blown up and there are 'no survivors.'"

Gary Windass Sarah Platt

They added: "The storyline reaches a climatic point towards the end of this year – with Sarah once again left heartbroken."

Now, the ITV soap have tweeted a photo of Anna Windass after she finds out her son has died. They wrote alongside the spoiler: "EXCLUSIVE PICS: A devastated Sarah finally accepts the news of Gary's death, Luke confronts Rana and things get worse for Robert. 💔"

However, while some fans were left confused, other were quick to point out how they've ruined the upcoming storyline because Gary hasn't died onscreen yet.

Corrie shared photos of the residents dealing with the devastating news that Gary has died...


Corrie residents deal with the devastating news that Gary has died...

Anna Windass1 of 7

Anna Windass

Anna is devastated after hearing that her son has died

Anna Windass2 of 7

Anna Windass

David Platt3 of 7

David Platt

David discovers the heartbreaking news and has to tell his sister Sarah

Sarah Platt4 of 7

Sarah Platt

David Platt5 of 7

David Platt

Nicola Rubinstein6 of 7

Nicola Rubinstein

Phelan tell his daughter the news about Gary (her baby daddy)

David Platt7 of 7

David Platt

David begins to get suspicious after overhearing Phelan and Nicola's conversation - will he discover the truth?

One person wrote: "'Finally accepts the news' if she also didn't know he was dead yet, she'll be just as shocked as us. Corrie, please. You've posted this a bit too early, spoilers hurt. 😥"

Someone else said: "Confused on how TF Gary is dead. I was tripping thinking shit have I missed an episode?! Bad move Corrie 😢"

Another commented: "I’m struggling to accept the news too since it’s a massive spoiler!"

A fourth said: "I'm fuming!"

Gary Windass Nicola Rubinstein

Someone else wrote: "Finally accepts..." 😕 When was she not accepting? He was fine on Friday? When did this happen? Did we miss an episode? So many questions! 😦 #Corrie"

One more added: " Bloody hell #Corrie! This is the SPOILER to end all spoilers! WTF are you all playing at with this tweet? Have you all lost the damn plot?"


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Gary may be leaving the cobbles behind but we reckon there's going to be a lot of drama in store for his loved ones. Even though he's engaged to Sarah Platt he managed to get Nicola Rubinstein pregnant AND his onscreen mum Anna is leaving the show too.

How do you think Anna will leave the cobbles? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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