Simon Cowell reportedly told Cheryl NOT to take X Factor job

Cheryl and Simon

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Cheryl's ditched The X Factor for new TV show The Greatest Dancer as she focusses on balancing career and being a mum to baby Bear - and Simon's apparently fully on board.

Fans of The X Factor hoping to see Cheryl return as a judge in the new series later this year may be left disappointed, as Simon Cowell's reportedly urged the star not to make her big comeback.

Cheryl reportedly wants to work on something 'new and fresh' rather than return to her role as a judge on The X Factor - and seems to Simon agree.

The X Factor

"She has done the X Factor lots of times and she wants something new and fresh to get going on," a source told the Mail on Sunday.

"Starring on the X Factor would undoubtedly have helped push that, but she also has her son Bear to think about in terms of how much time she spends working."

Cheryl wants to make sure she can balance her TV commitments around being a mum.

And Simon apparently wants Cheryl to sign on to new BBC show The Greatest Dancer (which is also owned by Simon's company Syco), to make sure she can maintain this balance.

"The feeling was mutual," the source added.

Cheryl is set to take on the role of 'dance captain' on the new talent show, which will also sees Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo lead as hosts.

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Lateysha Grace, 2018

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Kylie Jenner, 2013

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Chloe Khan, 2016

BIZARRELY, the comment went straight over his campmates' heads and no one pressed him on this. We reckon it was all a bit of a joke (although it is a VERY nice bum).

In other Cheryl news, she's reportedly very worried about Sinitta's tell-all book.

Sinitta's "juicy" book is set for release next month, and is apparently filled with shocking revelations which has even reportedly had Sinitta's ex and best friend Simon Cowell quaking in his boots, too.

Insiders have said "everyone should be worried" about her autobiography, entitled Who Put the Sin in Sinitta.

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