Redwater SPOILERS: Kat and Alfie Moon return to our screens TONIGHT!


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EastEnders' Kat and Alfie Moon return to our screens TONIGHT in new BBC spin-off show Redwater. Here's a cheeky SPOILER of the first episode...

After nearly a year of rumours and hype, and a seriously dark, moody and mysterious trailer, Kat and Alfie Moon's EastEnders spin-off show Redwater FINALLY hits our screens tonight.

Can't wait till tonight to watch it? Well luckily for you we've enjoyed a sneak peek of episode one, and are totally up for spilling the beans...

Kat and Alfie Moon with their son Tommy (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

So, do we like Redwater? Yes, we do! Admittedly, the acting is a little shaky at first (soz guys!) - but we’ve also seen episodes two and three (get us!) and it does get better, so bear with.

The biggest shock for EastEnders fans is likely to be Kat Moon (now known as the more demure ‘Kathleen’) prancing about in boho frocks with long, flowing locks and a distinct lack of OTT slap. Alfie meanwhile has gone a bit grey - but we sort of like this new look.

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Kat and Alfie have had a makeover since leaving Walford (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

The story is, they’re in backwater Ireland to find Kat, sorry - Kathleen’s - long lost son. Suspicious glances are cast over everyone they meet and about 10 minutes in ‘Kathleen’ (still can’t get used to it) thinks she might have struck gold. But surely the search won’t be so simples?

The Irish folk among us might find the whole thing a little bit stereotypical - horses galloping across the sands, tinkly Celtic tunes ringing out and, hey - was that a Leprechaun? But the landscape is stunning, so we'll let them off.

Yes, of course there are always horses on Irish beaches! (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

You might spend the first half hour or so thinking, ‘What IS this drama that’s being compared to Broadchurch?!’ but wait! The ending to episode one is pretty gripping / intense, and with references to many a dark, mysterious secret being held among Kat’s new relations (one of them being amazing Irish actress-with-cool-name Fionnula Flanagan), you'll find it hard to resist tuning in to episode two to find out more.

When is Redwater, episode one on TV?

Thursday May 18, 8pm, BBC One

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