Redwater: Ooh, check out the first trailer for the new EastEnders spin-off show!

Kat Moon Alfie Moon Redwater EastEnders

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Redwater - the EastEnders spin-off which follows Kat and Alfie Moon after they go off in search of Kat's long-lost son is hitting screens in May!

It's been nearly a year since we first heard rumours of the EastEnders spin-off show Redwater, and TV bosses have finally released a trailer!

The trailer for the show featuring former Albert Square residents Kat and Alfie Moon aired in Ireland - where it is set - giving soap fans a glimpse of the emotional series.

In the preview clip, Kat can be heard saying: “When I was just a child myself, I had a child and they wouldn’t let me keep him.”

In another scene, a man tells a concerned-looking woman: “She’s here to find her son,” and she replies: “No good can come of what she’s doing.”

The video features a number of other Redwater characters before the Irish release date of Sunday May 14th for Irish television channel RTE One is revealed at the end.

Actor Shane Ritchie, who plays Alfie, says even non EastEnders fans will enjoy the show.

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Kat Moon Alfie Moon Redwater EastEnders

He told Digital Spy: “It is an ensemble piece, it’s not just about Kat and Alfie. And what was interesting about the script was that we make no reference (to EastEnders). We never mention Albert Square, we never mention Walford.

“There’s just one scene where somebody says, ‘Oh Alfie, have you ever had any experience in a pub?’ and he says, ‘Maybe a little bit!’

“We’ve got nothing to compare it to because it’s never been done before. None of the soaps have ever done it. They’ve all had that ‘press the red button and there’s a side story’, but to actually take two characters out and put them amongst these other characters.”

When will Redwater be on TV?

Redwater is hitting screens at 8pm on Thursday May 18 on BBC One.

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