Killer Emma is terrified when DEAD hubby James returns to haunt her in Emmerdale


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The murdering nurse is rattled when husband James, who she shoved to his death, contacts her from beyond the grave.

Killer Emma is starting to unravel faster than a badly-knitted cardie. Having shunted her hubby James to his death almost a year ago, the murdering nurse is cracking under the pressure of covering up her evil deeds.

She’s cunningly eliminated the evidence, terrified poor Arthur, gone head to head with a suspicious Laurel and even thrown herself into religion, but the guilt of her crime is knawing away at her on a daily basis.

This week she’s got another hurdle to deal with when Gabby returns from her long stint in Australia and is fuming to hear that her dad, Ashley’s, home videos have been destroyed and that Emma has been manipulating her young brother Arthur.

The furious teen decides it’s time to teach Emma a lesson and sets about haunting her by making it appear that James is sending her messages from beyond the grave.

Gabby messes with Emma's mind (credit: itv) ©ITV

Rattled nurse Emma is stunned when she finds a prayer card from her late husband, lying at his graveside and spooked when she finds herself being haunted by James in church.

Emma is spooked when she hears voices in church (credit: itv) ©ITV

However when Emma finds a crucifix and recognises it as Gabby’s she quickly realises that it’s Ashley’s daughter who’s been taunting her. Gabby should be very afraid because who knows what an unhinged Emma will do next! “There is a button with Emma and if it’s pushed it won’t be long before she snaps”, says Gillian Kearney who plays her.

Emma's son Ross accuses Laurel of putting the prayer card by his dad's grave (credit: itv) ©ITV

With her sanity hanging by a very thin thread Emma’s a woman on the brink. “Emma’s greatest fear is that everyone will find out about her part in James’ death”, says Gillian. “It’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.”

With Gillian set to leave Emmerdale soon, we know that things are going to come to a very dramatic head. Will killer Emma strike again and get rid of meddling Gabby? Or is the Barton mum’s murdering secret finally about to be exposed?

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