Hollyoaks spoilers: Summer Ranger’s wedding day revenge

Her anger has been brewing for months…

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Ever since Summer Ranger discovered Brody Hudson was involved in her dad’s accident she’s been planning her revenge and the day has finally arrived.

As Brody prepares to get married, Summer’s grand plan begins to fall apart so she begins to improvise…

It’s not long before Joel Dexter and Warren Fox make a shocking discovery about Summer and plan to confront her…

Later as new accusations about Brody come to light, he’s forced to flee the village – but will he get away?

Elsewhere an innocent bystander gets caught in the crossfire and Sienna begins to doubt Summer – is this the end of their relationship?

Meanwhile Nancy Osborne begins to worry she’s given Darren a second chance too easy, Leah Hay falls and injures herself, Brooke Hathaway has an announcement and Cher confides in ‘Jade’.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 19 – Friday 23 July 2021


Hollyoaks spoilers: Summer Rangeru2019s wedding day revenge

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Hollyoaks spoilers

The week begins with Summer's sinister plan to expose Brody unfolding but when things begin to fall apart she's forced to think of her feet.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

As things spiral out of control, Brody's left in turmoil as a shocking accusations comes to light and Summer continues her plan of revenge.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Damon Kinsella supports his best pal and Brody is forced to decide – go on the run and leave Faith behind or stay and deal with the consequences. Meanwhile Sienna is confused as new revelations about Brody comes to light but a conniving Summer tells her she's not thinking clearly.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Nancy is left worrying that she's forgiving Darren too easily… Darren then writes a contract promising to never hurt Nancy again – but what will she sign?

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Hollyoaks spoilers

While Sid Sumners is babysitting Leah she falls and injures her foot. When Trish Minniver finds out she hatches a plan to leave her out…

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Brooke reacts negatively after being voted prom queen and decides to confides Ripley. Later on when Ripley mentions their non-binary support group, Brooke makes an announcement.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Cher continues to confide in 'Jade' about coming second to Mercedes in her dad's eyes. She then plans a surprise party for her dad but Sylver doesn't give her the reaction she expected and then she finds out Mercedes is coming home…

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Before any of the above, here'severything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

Felix Westwood is left heartbroken when he discovers his ex (and the mum of his children) Martine Deveraux has cancer and when he turns up at her house with flowers, she ends up confiding in him.

As they open up to each other, he ends up spending the night at her house and although it's platonic - what will Grace Black say?

Meanwhile, Donna-Marie tries to reunite with Juliet Nightingale and when she discovers James Nightingale's secret she blackmails him...

Shaq Qureshi tells his family about his suspicions surrounding his biological dad, Brody Hudson resumes his wedding plans and Tom and Yazz plan to raise money for charity.

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