Hollyoaks spoilers: Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood spend the night together

How will Grace Black react?

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In Hollyoaks Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood have been on/off again for longer than we can count but viewers were devastated when he picked Grace Black - unaware that Martine has cancer.

Next week Felix is left heartbroken when he discovers his ex (and the mum of his children) has cancer and when he turns up at her house with flowers, she ends up confiding in him.

As they open up to each other, he ends up spending the night at her house and although it's platonic - what will Grace say?

Meanwhile, Donna-Marie tries to reunite with Juliet Nightingale and when she discovers James Nightingale's secret she blackmails him...

Shaq Qureshi tells his family about his suspicions surrounding his biological dad, Brody Hudson resumes his wedding plans and Tom and Yazz plan to raise money for charity.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 12 – Friday 16 July


Hollyoaks spoilers: Martine Deveraux and Felix Westwood spend the night together

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Martine struggles to hide her chemotherapy side effects but later when her hair falls out, she breaks down in tears. After Felix discovers her cancer diagnosis, he turns up at her house and they share a heart to heart. Later they spend a heartfelt, platonic, night together.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

The following day, Martine and Felix agree to keep their innocent night a secret. What will Grace say if she ever finds out?

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Donna-Marie is left hurt when she discovers that Juliet filed a non-molestation order against her. However when she overhears about James and Ste Hay's kiss, she blackmails James to get the non-molestation order removed...

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Shaw has had enough and reveals his suspicions about Kashif being his real dad. Later on in the week, Verity shows Sami a letter about the DNA results but there's another twist in the tale.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Summer and Brody get their wedding back on track, but Sienna Blake isn't keen and tells Summer to stop playing games with Brody.

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Hollyoaks spoilers

Tom and Yazz decide to raise money for charity and decide on a summer-long game of Assassins.

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on Hollyoaks this week...

As Diane Hutchinson continues to struggle with her OCD she makes a new friend Becky (played by Coronation Street's Sinead Tinker).

However as they continue to bond it quickly becomes clear that their friendship is potentially dangerous for Diana.

Meanwhile, Luke Morgan tries to win Cindy Cunningham back but is left devastated when he discovers she spent the night with Shaq.

The McQueens are left worrying when Sally is in hospital after being beaten up in prison.

Sally opens up with Misbah Maalik about the hate crime and reveals her attackers have said they would 'finish the job'. Will anyone be able to help her?

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