It’s GOOD FriYAY! Which means a bunch of new Hollyoaks Spoilers

Warren Fox Hollyoaks

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Happy Good FriYAY everyone! Why not celebrate with some delicious Hollyoaks Spoilers?

Fridays are our favourite day of the week for so many reasons. And today is extra special, not only is it a Bank Holiday (woop) but we also have some tasty spoilers right from Hollyoaks-land. So sit back, munch a hot cross bun and enjoy...

1. Warren and Sienna move Bart's body

Warren Fox Hollyoaks
Warren needs to move Bart's body (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

So, last night's revelation that Warren Fox has killed Bart McQueen was a bit of a shocker, right? Now it's up to him and Sienna to get rid of the body. Unfortunately, the empty flat next door is now Sally and Neeta's new home. This week, Warrenna come up with ways to get Sally and Neeta out of the way, so they can move Bart's body from the attic. Sienna invites them to an impromptu birthday for Warren, but, Sally hurts her back and ends up bed-ridden for the week! Later in the week Warren offers to help fix Sally and Neet's leaky ceiling, but seeing Bart's body spooks him. He tells Sienna that he doesn't care if they get caught - they need to get rid...and fast.

Sienna Warren Hollyoaks
Sienna and Warren throw a fake party (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Jamie Lomas, who plays Warren says: "“[Bart’s murder] has hit him so bad because he has the twins on the way. He’s changed a little in prison and he thought that killing Bart would make him feel better and get justice for Katy but it just doesn’t.

“He’s really excited [about the twins]. That’s all he has ever wanted was a family and now he feels like it’s his second chance.”

2. Nick finds out about Alfie's trolling website

Nick and Tegan Hollyoaks
Nick sleeps with Tegan behind Holly's back (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Nick Savavge is under investigation for raping Ellie Nightingale, and Holly is trying to be supportive of her boyfriend. The relationship hits the skids though when Nick finds out that Alfie has set up a trolling website against him.

Nick turns to Tegan for comfort and they sleep together behind Holly'a back. Elsewhere, Freddie is interviewed by the police but lies to try and help Ellie. He drags Lisa Loveday into his lie, but have they just made things a wole lot worse?

3. Peri finds out about Leela and Zack

Leela and Zack Hollyoaks
Peri catches Leela and Zack (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Poor Peri has been under the impression that Zack Loveday fancies her. She tells Tom Cunningham that they don't have a future together - because she's planning on getting with Zack. Her dreams are shattered though when she catches Zack kissing her mum, Leela.

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