The TRUTH about Tracey’s suspicious death is revealed in Hollyoaks


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The truth about the Donovan mum's watery death finally emerges in a special flashback episode.

Darcy has every reason to be feeling a little nervous when it was revealed that she let Tracey drown and did nothing to step in and help her.

Events of the fateful night, when the Donovan mum met her maker in grim circumstances, was revealed in a flashback which showed Tracy being given evidence that Adam wasn't the biologicial father of Darcy's son, Toby. You don't say!!

Viewers then saw Adam and Jesse's mum summon scheming Darcy to Lisa's Loveboat where she confonted the plotting minx with the evidence and ordered her to leave the village.

However, in a tragic twist, as Darcy tried to reach out and swipe the incriminating letter, Tracey toppled backwards and plunged over the side of the boat into the murky river below.

Tracey loses her footing and falls backwards (Credit: Channel 4) ©Channel 4

Rather than try to help her, we saw a cool Darcy as she gazed at Tracey's lifeless body and chose to let her drown, thereby ensuring her baby secret also drowned with her.

Darcy watches as Tracey drowns in the river (Credit: Channel 4) ©Channel 4

Is a guilty Darcy really going to get away with her callous actions? The police have since concluded that alcoholic Tracey had had one too many vinos and drunkenly fell into the river, (lazy policing we say!) , but her ex-hubby, Glenn Donovan isn't so sure and his hunch is going to prove dangerous for Darcy. We've already seen him sniffing around the village and accuse Darcy of being responsible for his ex-wife’s death. Go Detective Donovan, you're onto something!

How long before the truth about Toby’s real father and Tracey’s death comes bubbling to the surface and everyone finds out the horrible truth about Darcy's deception? The clock is ticking!

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