Hollyoaks Tracey Donovan found DEAD: Could Darcy could get away with murder in latest shock twist?

Hollyoaks Tracey Donovan

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Hollyoaks Tracey Donovan (Lisa Maxwell) was found dead at the end of last night's show and dastardly Darcy is the prime suspect

The lifeless body of Tracey was discovered in the river by her daughter Grace (Tamara Wall) who was on her way to meet her at the airport so the pair could have a trip to Paris.

The shock scenes aired on E4 last night and will be shown on Channel 4 this evening.

Hollyoaks Tracey Donovan
In Tracey's final scenes, she was seen confronting Darcy - a fatal mistake? (credit: Lime Pictures) © (credit: Lime Pictures)

In Tracey's final moments, she was seen on Lisa’s Loveboat confronting Darcy Wilde (Aisling Jarrett-Gavin) over her wicked ways - which she had discovered thanks double-crossing private investigator, Jordan.

Not long after, Tracey's lifeless body was found in the river with Darcy looking suspiciously guilty nearby.

Hollyoaks Tracey Donovan
Devastated Grace discovered her mother's body at the end of last night's E4 show (credit: Lime Pictures) © (credit: Lime Pictures)

So was she responsible for Tracey's demise? Or could another character be guilty of pushing her into her watery grave?

Or was her death a tragic accident after she fell into the water after one too many drinks?

All will not be revealed just yet but in forthcoming episodes, Darcy will be seen covering her tracks by threatening Jordan.

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She'll tell him that she'll go to the police and tell them HE was the last person to see Tracey alive if he exposes any of her secrets.

So will Darcy get away with murder? Or will there be another shock twist in the grisly storyline?

Hollyoaks Darcy
Darcy looked guilty when Tracey's body was discovered and will attempt to cover her tracks in future episodes (credit: Lime Pictures) ©(credit: Lime Pictures)

We do know Tracey's former husband Glenn (Neil Roberts) is soon returning to the show after secret meetings with Darcy - will he expose the truth?

The exciting storyline is one of a number from the Chester-based soap currently keeping us on the edge of our seats.

The forthcoming dramas were teased in their new autumn trailer which dropped this week leaving us desperate to find out more.

The question of who killed Amy Barnes will come to a head while Warren's days also look to be numbered.

It seems no one is safe in Hollyoaks, who will meet a grisly end next?!

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