FINAL DAYS? Is Maggie about to pass away in Hollyoaks?


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Dying Maggie is keen to tick everything off her bucket list but is timing running out?

Ever since Scott has discovered his mum has terminal cancer he’s pulled out all the stops to be as supportive as he can. And next week that means ticking things off Maggie’s bucket list!

Mum and son have a have a hoot as they go wild in the village, however Maggie’s other son Damon is not impressed when he hears their fun and games have landed them in trouble with the law! Oops.

A furious Damon warns Scott that with their mum in such a weak state and her immune system beyond repair, she shouldn’t be careering around town.

However he later has a change of heart when Scott makes him see just how important it is for Maggie to do the things she wants.

Maggie with her Scott, Damon and Holly ©Lime Pictures

Which is how Damon comes to end up in drag. REALLY? Yep, it seems Maggie likes a bit of dressing up and so Damon obliges by putting on a beehive wig, a leopard-print coat and plenty of pearls. Whatever makes mum happy eh?

The family have fun messing about ©Lime Pictures

Even Damon’s girlfriend Holly joins in the fun as the family trio hang out in their odd clobber in the bar.

Holly admires Damon's beehive ©Lime Pictures

However the larking about later comes to an abrupt halt when Maggie takes a turn for the worse.

Maggie takes a turn for the worse
©Lime Pictures

Realising that Maggie doesn’t have much longer to live, will Scott carry out her wishes and help her die peacefully on her own terms? Or will he back out of helping her to end her life?

Scott, Damon and Holly ©Lime Pictures

Ross Adams who plays Maggie’s flamboyant son says, “If Maggie and Scott are on bad terms when she dies, I think he’ll fell guilty about that forever.

“It’s a real struggle for him. He just wants another week or month or year with his mum. Whatever happens next is going to take him a long time to get over.”

Is this the end for Maggie and who will be by her side if she passes away?

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