FIRST LOOK: Luke Morgan comes face to face with rapist Mark in Hollyoaks

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Hollyoaks' Luke Morgan and Mark Gibbs are set to come face to face for the first time in 17 years

Since he returned to the show earlier this year, Hollyoaks viewers have seen Luke Morgan struggle with his alcohol addiction.

Gary Lucy, who plays the troubled character, has previously admitted his character has still not recovered from his horrific rape ordeal and now viewers see Luke comes face to face with Mark Gibbs who raped him back in 2001.

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Luke Morgan and Mark Gibbs
Last month Luke spotted Mark shopping in Chester city ©Lime Pictures

The heartbreaking storyline unfolded after Luke tackled Mark during a football game, the injury left his unable to continue playing football and ruined any chances of him becoming a professional footballer.

Mark and his friends then began to bully Luke and when he stood up to them the horrific ordeal happened. Luke split from his childhood sweetheart Mandy Richardson and attempted suicide following the ordeal.

After opening up to his friends and family, he reported the incident and Mark and his two friends were sent to prison.


Hollyoaks Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs first scenes together

Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs1 of 6
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Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs

Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs2 of 6
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Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs

Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs3 of 6
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Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs

Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs4 of 6
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Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs

Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs5 of 6
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Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs

Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs6 of 6
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Luke Morgan Mark Gibbs

Last month, fans of the show saw Luke spot Mark when he and Mandy visited Chester city. However, his blood will run cold when Mark returns to the village and turns up at the Osborne's house.

It is obvious that Luke is still terrified about seeing his rapist after 17 years but he desperately wants an apology from him and for Mark to admit that what he did was wrong, so he can move on with his life.

Although Mark has since moved on and is now married to his wife Jenna, she is none the wiser that he raped Luke.

Knowing that Luke can ruin his life, will Mark relent? And how long is he in the village for?

Hollyoaks Finn Finnigan
©Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks have also teased Tony Hutchinson's BFF Finn Finnigan's return this month. It was previously confirmed that James Redmond would reprise his role on the Channel 4 show and now the actor has opened up about what's in store following his arrival.

WATCH: James Redmond reveals what happens when Finn returns to the village

What do you think about Mark's return? Are you looking forward to seeing Finn? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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