Hollyoaks’ Gary Lucy reveals his character Luke Morgan has still not recovered from his horrific rape ordeal

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Hollyoaks Luke Morgan has returned to the show 15 years after leaving

Hollyoaks' Luke Morgan may have finally returned to the village after 15 years, but Gary Lucy who plays the infamous character has hinted viewers will see how his horrific rape ordeal is still affecting him.

Viewers of the Channel 4 soap will remember back in 2001 when Hollyoaks tackled the heart-breaking storyline of Luke being raped by Mark Gibbs.

Things between the pair escalated after Mark and his friends kept bullying Luke after he tackled Mark during a football which ended his chances of a career. However, when Luke stood up to Mark the bully raped him.

Hollyoaks Gary Lucy This Morning
Gary appeared on the show to speak about his return (Credit: This Morning) ©This Morning

Following the ordeal Luke's relationship with Mandy Richardson broke down, he became depressed and even attempted suicide. After opening up to his family and friends he finally reported the horrific incident to the police and Mark along with his two friends were sent to prison.

Luke left the village in 2001 to start a new life and briefly returned in July this year when he bumped into Darren who later discovered his old friend had an alcohol problem.

Now Luke, along with his partner Mandy are returning to the village and Gary, who plays the infamous character, has opened up about how Luke's state of mind is.

WATCH: Gary Lucy open up about his onscreen Hollyoaks character Luke Morgan...

Opening up on This Morning the actor hinted that the rape ordeal is still affecting his character: "He sent his attacker to prison and then left the village. There's a definite legacy.

"The attacker was sent to prison and then Luke left the village. Basically, now, coming back into it it's the story that he's not dealt with those things."

Hollyoaks Gary Lucy This Morning
Gary spoke about how characters future (Credit: This Morning) ©This Morning

He went on to say: "Had he not had that event in his life, he would have been the lovely guy that he was.

"What we're hoping is that the audience can see [who] he would have been had that not had happened and have the support he needs now to get to that point."

Hollyoaks Mandy Richardson Gary Luke
Mandy and Luke are set to return to the village soon (Credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Luke and Mandy are set to return to the show soon and Sarah Jayne Dunn, who plays Mandy, has hinted about her characters upcoming storyline: "All the stuff we’ve been filming since we got back is really heavy and is some great stuff, so that I am really excited for everyone to see.

"Their relationship is a very complicated one that we will learn more about during the Summer of Secrets," she told the Metro.


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