SABOTAGE! Desperate Luke DESTROYS his bride’s WEDDING dress in Hollyoaks!


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Groom Luke comes up with a plan to postpone the wedding...

Yikes. Luke is a desperate man with a very desperate plan! With his nuptials to Mandy just days away, he’s panicking about the small matter he’s already secretly married. Yep. Minor details we know!

Mandy goes home and is NOT a happy bunny ©Lime pictures

The jittery groom has been sent into a right old spin now that Mandy has decided to bring their Big Day forward meaning he has even less time to get a divorce from his current Mrs who Mand has absolutely NO inkling about.

She goes to check on her dress but.....oh dear ©lime pictures

Luke, who is married to Scarlett, has no intention of sitting Mandy down and confessing to the truth, so right now his only option is to buy himself some more time in the hope he can track Scarlett down and bag himself a quickie divorce. Which is why he decides to totally RUIN the beautiful dress Mandy has spend ages choosing.

However, UNLUCKY MATE! With perfect timing, Mandy comes home unexpectedly and walks in on her other half suspiciously grappling with her stunning gown that’s hanging in the hallway.

What the!!? What exactly has Luke done to it ©lime pictures

And naturally she’s totally horrified to see the dress splattered with a disgusting brown liquid…what exactly has Luke been up to, and more importantly how the hell is he going to explain this very unfortunate “accident”?

With their wedding set for next week, will this trouble-laden couple still be walking down the aisle?

How can Luke wriggle out of this one? ©lime pictures

Will Mandy be able to get another dress in time?

And MOST importantly,we already know that Scarlett is planning on making an appearance, the question is, will it be BEFORE or AFTER Luke has managed to put a ring on Mandy’s finger…..oooh we say, this doesn’t bode well!

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