Holly attacks Damon and there’s kidnapping drama in store for Mandy in Hollyoaks


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It's all kicking off in Hollyoaks next week

The week in Hollyoaks kicks off for a horrific start for Cindy Cunningham as she continues to be terrorised by her stalker. She later hears someone trying to break into the Cunningham's house and is quick to attack the person – but who is it?

Meanwhile Mandy, who has only recently returned to the village opens up to her stepsister Cindy and reveals she's kidnapped her daughter Ella from foster care.

Eek! We doubt this will end well…

That's not all the drama in the store for Mandy either, as her estranged husbamd Luke arrives in the village and begs his wife to get back together – but what will she say?

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It looks like there's trouble elsewhere in the village when Hunter plans to surprise Neeta at The Dog but when he arrives he realises she's just had sex with her boyfriend Mac Nightingale.

He later goes on to tell his forbidden lover, who is also his former teacher, that he has an interview for an Art College in Edinburgh.

It later becomes clear that Neeta isn't dealing very well with the news when she snaps at Mac. However, when she blames her mood swing on feeling sick, Mac makes her take a pregnancy test.

Neeta takes a pregnancy test next week (Credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Later on in the week Neeta steals money from The Dog to pay for Hunter's ticket to Edinburgh but things backfire when Max thinks Prince is the thief, which leaves Prince preparing to get revenge by spray painting the pub windows.

Holly attacks Damon in upcoming scenes (Credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Elsewhere in the village, it becomes clear that Holly Cunningham isn't over her rape ordeal when Damon offers to teach her and Ellie Nightingale self-defense. It soon becomes obvious that he doesn't have a clue what he's doing and when he prepares to do a "move" with Holly she freaks out and hits him in the face after he touches her.

Viewers will also see Milo Entwistle looking through past news stories about the Cunningham family – but what's he up to?


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