Hollyoaks spoilers: Sylver McQueen’s secret daughter arrives

How will the McQueen family react?

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Mercedes McQueen and Sylver McQueen have been going from strength to strength over the past few weeks but next week when Cher arrives it looks like she could throw a spanner in their relationship.

It all begins when Mercy and Sylver prepare to renew their vows, however it’s not long before Cher manages to sneak into the ceremony – will she tell everyone about her real identity?

Meanwhile, Nancy Osborne and Kyle Kelly continue to fight over his drug addiction. Mandy Richardson tells Darren Osborne that he needs to focus on getting better rather than helping Kyle out…

When it dawns on Leela Lomax that Jordan Price has been living out of his car she offers to let him stay at hers – what does this mean for Jordan and Peri Lomax?

Misbah Maalik leaves for Surrey and Nana McQueen is not impressed with how close John Paul McQueen is getting to PC George Kiss.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 1 – Tuesday 2 June 2020


Hollyoaks spoilers: Sylver McQueenu2019s secret daughter arrives

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The week begins with a loved-up Mercedes and Sylver preparing to renew their vows – unaware that Cher is watching them.

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Cher uses Romeo Quinn to get into The Dog and while the ceremony is going on she sneaks upstairs. She's caught by Warren Fox but she thinks he's Sylver…

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Nancy and Kyle continue to row over his drug addiction and she gives him an ultimatum – her or the drugs?

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Kyle asks Darren to help him fix things with Nancy but when Mandy realises what's happened she tells Darren to focus on getting better instead of helping Kyle.

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When John Paul bumps into George he invites him to Mercedes and Sylver's vow renewal, however Nancy is not impressed when she discovers he's a police officer.

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When it dawns on Leela that Jordan has been living out of his car she tells him to stay at hers instead.

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It's not long before the pair have a heart to heart about their upbringing… Elsewhere Peri is feeling head over heels and tells Yazz Maalik that she's got a new boyfriend.

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The following day Peri thinks Jordan wants to take their relationship to the next level – but does he?

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Tom Cunningham continues to prove he's a great boyfriend for Yazz which results in Misbah feel confident about leaving for her transfer to Surrey.

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Next week's Hollyoaks Favourites will be throwing it all the way back to when Lynsey Nolan hits Silas Blissett over the head... Later when he spots 'catwoman' he then hits and kills her from behind, but he quickly realises that it's his daughter Heidi and not Lynsey.

Thursday night's episode will see Mercedes left horrified when she discovers Silas killed his own daughter.

And on Friday serial killer Breda McQueen continues to set her sights on deadbeat dads and it all kicks off with two of Tom’s Turtles staff members.

Before any of the drama above here's what's happening on Hollyoaks this week...

Following Kyle's drug addiction Nancy is left wondering whether she should still marry him, Tony Hutchinson returns home from the hospital and Mercedes McQueen confronts Sylver McQueen over his friendship with Warren Fox.

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