Hollyoaks Spoilers: Cleo McQueen is at the end of her tether with Sienna Blake

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Monday 14th - Friday 18th

It's safe to say that there's A LOT of drama in Hollyoaks next week.

Cleo McQueen confronts her boyfriend Joel Dexter over keeping a secret surrounding her bulimia and later on in the week she makes the rest of the residents aware that she not a fan of Sienna Blake.

Meanwhile Sienna is manic over her stalker and next week she'll finally confess all to the police - what will be the end result?

Dirk Savage discovers Cindy's well and truly moved on to Theo Entwistle, Damon Kinsella and Zack Loveday are still trying to win over Holly Cunningham aaaaaand it looks like Zack may be in danger thanks to Adam and Glenn Donovan.

Not only that but Grace Black is left in tears as a result of her abusive boyfriend and Alfie Nightingale continues to battle with his mental health after making a huge gesture to another resident.

See all of next week's spoilers below...


Hollyoaks Spoilers Week 20 2018 - STACKED

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Cleo McQueen is less than impressed with Joel Dexter

They've only just reunited following all that drama with Sienna Blake, but there's even more twists and turns in store for Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen next week. Last month Joel discovered that Cleo had been battling bulimia and in upcoming scenes his girlfriend will be left furious when she discovers he has been keeping tabs on her eating habits in a notebook. As she storms out of the house, Joel heads downs to The Dog to drown his sorrows.

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Cleo McQueen Joel Dexter

Following a conversation with James Nightingale it sparks an idea for Joel and after Cleo finds him on the City Wall, she apologies for shouting at him.Is the drama finally over for the pair? Or is there more trouble in store?

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Dirk Savage finds out about Cindy Savage's new boyfriend

Meanwhile Dirk Savage catches Theo Entwistle watching Cindy do Yoga in her back garden but things get awkward when Cindy explains that Theo's her new boyfriend.Later on, Milo sets up a trap in The Emporium for his older brother but things backfire when Dirk receives the brunt of it.Eek!

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Damon Kinsella and Zack Loveday are still trying to win Holly Cunningham back

The Damon/Holly/Zack love triangle is still going on and things go one step further when Damon sells his mum's prized suit so he can afford a holiday to Venice with Holly!

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Damon Kinsella Holly Cunningham

He later gets dressed up and sets a romantic scene in a boat in the pond and asks Holly to forgive him - what will she say?

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Zack overhears Glenn and Adam Donovan's dodgy plans

Elsewhere Zack and Damon plan to take part in a poker game with Glenn to get some cash however when they arrive at his office, Damon's quick to chicken out when he sees Glenn and Adam arriving. Zack, who's still in the office, overhears some sensitive business plans between the father and son and as he tries to leave he makes a noise…

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Adam Donovan Glenn Donovan

The next day, Glenn and Adam attempt to work out who overheard them and when they see Zack acting suspicious they put two and two together and it's not long before they confront Zack and warn him to keep him mouth shut.

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Zack Loveday

Later, Zack returns home and finds a note in his house about a haircut with Adam and when he attends his appointment Adam threatens him!

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Glenn Donovan leaves Grace Black in tears

Elsewhere Glenn gives Grace a hard time and tells her to pull herself together. Things take a turn for the worse when he begins o should at her and verbally abuse her, telling her she's pathetic and ugly, when she takes too long to get dressed for work. He leaves her in tears and instead of apologising or comforting her, he tells her to wipe her eyes.

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Sienna Blake goes to the police about her stalking ordeal

Viewers have seen Sienna Blake being stalked for weeks but next week she'll begin to accuse residents of being behind that countdown clock her laptop.It all begins when Sienna manages to leave the house with her son Sebastian however she's unaware that someone's watching her from a far. She decides to go to the police – but will they listen?She then accuses her ex-boyfriend Joel Dexter and Cloe McQueen of threatening her. Then she turns to Josh Bradley for help – can he help?

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Sienna Blake accuses Darren Osborne of being her stalker

As the clock continues to count down, Sienna is left manic and as Grace Black attempts to calm her down, she beings to create a list of all her potential stalkers in the village… We can see this is going to take some time.While she's having a coffee in The Hutch, Sienna convinces herself that another ex-boyfriend Darren Osborne is her stalker. What will she do next?As the clock finally hits zero there's a knock at the door… but who and what is it?

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Cleo McQueen is at the end of her tether with Sienna Blake

At The Dog the residents are in high spirits and as people begin to talk about Sienna Blake, both Myra McQueen and Joel Dexter discuss how she's been having a tough time and they even feel sorry for her.However, as Holly sticks up for Cleo, who's slightly fuming, she tells everyone to stop talking about the girl who nearly ended her relationship with Joel.

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Alfie Nightingale makes a huge gesture towards Janine

He had a one-night stand with Janine after things went pear shaped with Yasmine Maalik but next week Alfie is set to make a grand gesture to her.At the beginning of the week he continues to hear the male voice in his head and at one point while Tom Cunningham and Damon Kinsella are talking to him, a flustered Alfie responds to the voice rather than the guys.

Alfie Nightingale Janine14 of 14
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Alfie Nightingale Janine

Then while Tom and Alfie are at Duke Street Social, Janine walks in and Alfie tells his pal that he was arrested for having sex with her. He later makes a huge gesture towards Janine – what's next for him?

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