The ULTIMATE Halloween horror movie drinking game

This is sure to go down a treat on Zoom

Halloween drinking game

by Kayleigh Dray |

Whether you're having a horror movie marathon with your family/housemates or you're having a Netflix party over Zoom - why not spice things up this Halloween season with our fun drinking game?

Choose your poison (not literally, guys - stick to plain old-fashioned liquor, yeah?), grab a stack of DVDs and settle back; it’s time to get properly sozzled.

Here's how you play...


Every time someone dies before the opening credits

Ah, Buffy. We expected more from you.

BONUS SIP: For every character who dies from this point onwards.

Every time the phone rings

Make these teeny-weeny sips; if it’s a classic slasher, there’s going to be a LOT of phone calls throughout the flick.

Every time someone runs upstairs to flee their attacker

The alcohol should nurse you through the anger at watching airhead teens head towards certain death, as opposed to the safety of the outside world.

Every time someone says “I’ll be right back”

You know, just before they’re killed horribly.

Every time someone fails to take the threat seriously

BONUS SIP: If they ask ‘Is this some sort of joke?’

Every time there’s a cut scene with a loud noise that’s meant to scare you…

… and nothing actually happens. It’s probably just a cat or something, right?

*Every time the phones don’t work… *

… or there’s no signal. Again, make these VERY little sips; this is basically the main crux of all horror movies and slasher flicks.

BONUS SIP: If nobody uses a mobile phone to ring for safety.


Every time the car doesn’t start

It’s weird, isn’t it? Cars usually work just fine until there’s a psychotic killer on the loose.

Every time someone leaves to investigate a strange noise

They have a death wish, basically. And it will be fulfilled.

Every time SOMEONE suggests that the group ‘splits up’

Yeah, great idea; let’s make it easier for the killer to pick us all off one by one, shall we?

Every time there’s an unnecessary underwear shot

There’s a killer on the loose, y’all. You need to be wearing armour, not baby-dolls.

BONUS SIP: If that big lingerie reveal comes moments before the woman wearing it is murdered.

Horribly. Always horribly.

Every time someone trips inexplicably while running away

Always a sign of bad things to come… trust us.


Whenever there’s an unsettling child

It doesn’t matter if they see dead people, they are dead people, or they’re possessed by dead people; kids in horror films are ALWAYS a big fat creepy no-no.

Whenever there’s a shower scene

BONUS SIP: If the person showering dies.

Whenever the killer is hiding in the backseat

Essentially, cars are not our friends in the world of horror movies. And they'll do pretty much anything to see us killed.

Whenever someone you thought was dead shows up alive later in the movie

You’re alive! Thank goodness…

We think, anyway.

Whenever there’s shoddy police work

This includes sceptical security guards, too.

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Katy Perry as a Cheeto - hands down our favourite Halloween costume, ever

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Kim Kardashian, a keen fan of fancy dress, donned skin-tight latex for her Catwoman costume alongside husband Kanye West's Batman

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Kim Kardashian as a mermaid - a costume idea she would pass on to her daughter, North

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Whenever you think the bad guy is dead, but he / she returns for one last scare…


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