Ex on the Beach spoilers: Aaron’s ex heads into the villa and causes quite the stir

There's a few arguments and a breakup...

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Ex on the Beach is quickly becoming one of our favourite programmes purely because of all the drama and there's a lot in store in tonight's episode.

Things seem to be going well for Aaron Chalmers and Zaralena Jackson following their previous night together and they even admit they want to get to know each other a bit more but of course things soon going to take a dramatic turn for the worst.

It’s not long before the Tablet of Terror rings and notifies the housemates that Zaralena, Aaron and Maisie need to help to the beach to find out whose ex is next to join the villa. Unlucky for Geordie Shore star Aaron it is his ex-girlfriend Becca who broke his heart, left for Australia and didn’t even tell him.

When Becca arrives at the beach she makes it clear she thinks she has "unfinished business" with Aaron and is not impressed that he’s been seeing Zaralena (who is also on the beach with the pair).

Ex on the Beach Aaron Chalmer Becca
The next ex to head into the villa is Aaron's ex-girlfriend (Credit: MTV) ©MTV

Becca wants to sort everything out with Aaron before they head to the villa but just before they have a chance the Tablet of Terror rings and tell Aaron and Zaralena to head onto a date. During the date Aaron admits to Zaralena that there is some unfinished business between himself and Becca and reveals he wants to sort things out with his ex before he takes it anything further with Zaralena.

Meanwhile back at the villa Becca and Jack take a liking to each other which results in kiss and it’s not long before Aaron finds out and things kick off. Aaron and Becca then decide to have a chat but when they both admit they still have feeling for each other Aaron get too upset and decides to end the conversation.

Ex on the Beach Aaron Chalmer Becca
Becca and Jack certainly get on well on their date (Credit: MTV) ©MTV

The next day just when everything seems to be going well - of course - the Tablet of Terror sends Jack and Becca on a date. While the rest of the housemates, including Aaron, believe nothing will happen between the pair as Aaron and Becca still haven't finished their conversation, Becca and Jack kiss on their date.

Back at the villa the housemates are sent a photo of Becca and Jack kissing (thanks to the Tablet of Terro) and it’s obvious Aaron is not impressed. Will Becca and Aaron be able to sort things out or is it far too late?

Ex on the Beach Aaron Chalmer Becca
Things kick off when Becca returns back to the villa with her date (Credit: MTV ©MTV

Meanwhile Harriette (who was jealous when she found out about Jack and Becca's kiss) argues with Jack over the kiss and it's not long before things take a dramatic turn for the worse and Jack tells her he’s done.

Is it over between the pair? Will anyone have a happy Valentines?

We can't wait to find out!

Ex on the Beach continues on Tuesday 14th February at 10pm, only on MTV

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