EastEnders Spoilers: Denise Fox confronts troublemaker Keegan

Remember what she did to Lucy Beale?

EastEnders Denise and Keegan

by Katy Brent |
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It's no secret that things have been a bit tough for EastEnders' Denise Fox just lately. There was that whole getting pregnant by Phil Mitchell thing for a start.

EastEnders Denise and Keegan
Denise confronts troublemaker Keegan (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Then she gave the baby boy up for adoption, which caused no end of grief between her and her sister, Kim. Then her mum turned up and dropped the bombshell that Kim isn't actually her sister because Denise was found on a doorstep when she was a baby.

Oh, and don't forget that she almost died in the infamous Albert Square Bus Disaster earlier this month. So it's little wonder that Dee's nerves are a bit frayed.

New pics from EastEnders show that newcomer/troublesome teen, Keegan, could be the person to face Denise's wrath when she finds herself in an argument with him for being disrespectful.

With Patrick Trueman and Shakil Kazemi looking on, the situation soon spirals out of control...and don't forget what happened to Lucy Beale.

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