Emmerdale spoilers: Has Samson Dingle killed Lydia Hart?

Lydia and Samson

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Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 30 July - Friday 3 August

This week on Emmerdale, the drama is really kicking off as Samson Dingle accidentally pushes Lydia Hart down the stairs, resulting in a trip to the hospital. Why was he so angry with her?

A troubled Graham Foster becomes drunk and disorderly, haunted by his own memories and mistakes, and a fight breaks out between him and a close friend.

Elsewhere, Pete Barton is suspicious of Ross Barton and what he's up to, searching the garage to find any evidence of stolen cars. But when the police arrive, what are they to do? Is Ross' time finally up?

Bob Hope and Brenda Walker have a serious chat about the cafe, and a crucial decision is made regarding the future of the business. Later, Laurel Thomas is humiliated that she wasn't made aware of the change in situation and is upset at the news.

On a more positive note, we're crossing our fingers that RobRon will soon be engaged! Aaron Dingle wants to propose to Robert Sugden, but he might be in need of a helping hand from Liv Flaherty and Chas Dingle to pull it off. Chas and Paddy Kirk also have a discussion about the imminent birth of their child together, and make a very exciting decision about who the godparents are likely to be.

Emmerdale spoilers:


Emmerdale spoilers: Has Samson Dingle killed Lydia Hart?

Sam and Lydia1 of 16

Sam Dingle opens up to Lydia

Back in 2006, a heartbreaking storyline saw Sam Dingle lose his wife Alice to cancer, after she refused treatment so she could go on to have their baby, Samson. This week, a devastated Sam tells Lydia that he helped Alice to die and is scared that Samson will find out.

Samson and Lydia2 of 16

Sam comes clean to his son

The next day, Sam decides to come clean to his son and tells him the truth. Samson is shocked and accuses him of murdering his mum.

lydia falling down stairs3 of 16

What has Samson done?

Lydia tries to talk Samson round but he lashes out and accidentally pushes her down the stairs...

Lydia at hospital4 of 16

Anxiety continues

At the hospital, Sam is anxious as he waits for news on Lydia. Lydia starts to panic when the doctor examines a suspicious mole on her leg but later covers her worries from Sam.

lydia and samson at grave5 of 16

Visiting Alice's grave

The next day, Sam and Samson invite Lydia to accompany them to Alice's grave. Lydia struggles when Sam and Samson talk about Alice's cancer and Sam becomes aware that something is not right.

graham's past6 of 16

We visit Graham's past

Haunted by memories and mistakes, the viewers will visit Graham Foster's past and at last see what has made Graham the man he is today.

graham gets in a fight7 of 16

Graham is feeling haunted

In the present day at Home Farm, a drunken Graham is haunted by his visualisations of his dead wife. As he continues to lose himself in drink he talks to her.

graham and joe8 of 16

Graham sees red

Cain Dingle arrives and Graham sees red, raring for a proper fight. Graham shoves Chas aside to get to Cain and she falls to the ground. Has Graham pushed it too far? Before long, Joe finds Graham and attempts to console him, gutted by the depth of his self-loathing.

graham and joe9 of 16

Graham loses control

Graham loses control and charges at Joe. But just how far will Graham go?

robron10 of 16

ROBRON engaged?

Elsewhere, wanting to help Aaron DIngle propose to Robert Sugden, Liv and Chas form a plan but will it come off the ground?

ross and pete11 of 16

Pete is suspicious

Ross Barton finds a buyer for the stolen cars and Pete Barton is left uneasy at whatever's prompted Ross' improved mood. Pete searches around Butler's Barn and gets suspicious when he spots Lawrence's stolen cars.

Pete barton12 of 16

There is a confrontation

Pete confronts Ross Barton but they are both rattled when Rhona Goskirk makes her presence felt and demands answers. They are all unaware that the police are waiting to pounce outside...

police arrive13 of 16

The police arrive

Cain arrives at the garage and clocks on the cars. He tells Ross and Pete that there is an unmarked police car outside. Cain berates Ross for his stupidity. Will they find a way to get rid of the police?

bob and brenda14 of 16

Bob and Brenda have a talk

In other news, Bob Hope agrees to give Brenda Walker the café.

laurel and brenda15 of 16

Lauren is kept in the dark

But Laurel Thomas is later humiliated when Brenda Walker tells her that Bob doesn't work in the cafe anymore, upset that she has been kept in the dark.

chas and paddy16 of 16

Chas and Paddy make a decision

Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk decide that they want their baby to have godparents

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ALSO in Emmerdale this week, Paddy lies and tells Rhona that the new locum has received a better offer elsewhere but later comes clean and tells Rhona the truth.

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