Emmerdale spoilers: GUNSHOT in the village – but who’s been shot?

Ross is out for the truth in Emmerdale

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There's gunfire, drug deals and a punch-up surrounding Ross Barton in Emmerdale this week.

Still oblivious to Debbie Dingle's dealings in the acid attack against him, Ross is determined to find out the truth behind what happened and get revenge.

It's not long before he's using his fists, but things take an even more dramatic turn when he finds himself at gunpoint with Joe Tate.

Someone drops to the ground, but who will it be?!


Emmerdale spoilers 19 May - 25 May

Ross hits Connor1 of 12

Ross out for revenge

Ross Barton tracks down Simon McManus' drug mate, Connor Jenson, and punches him smack bang in the face! But Ross is quickly drawn into Connor's drug dealing world.

Ross drugs deals for Connor2 of 12

He decides to work for Connor

The next day Dawn hands Ross drugs but it's clear she doesn't want Ross working for Connor.

Debbie holds the truth3 of 12

Debbie holds the truth

Debbie spots Ross and prepares to tell him the truth about her and Joe- but will she do it?

Debbie shocked4 of 12

Debbie shocked

Debbie is shocked to learn he is still looking for Simon.

Ross dragged out5 of 12

Stolen car

Ross realises his car - the one with the drugs in it! - has been stolen while he's been speaking with Debbie.

Debbie dragged out6 of 12

Debbie dragged out

When Connor finds out he violently grabs Debbie and demands she either finds the drugs or come up with the money. Eep!

Debbie in trouble7 of 12

Time is ticking

Will Debbie find the car in time or will she have to ask Joe for help?

Jacob, Leanna and Gabby8 of 12

Up to mischief?

Jacob Gallagher, Leanna Cavanah and Gabby Thomas miss the bus and worry about missing school. But a scheming Leanna tells them she has an idea... That doesn't sound like it's going to be a good one.

Bob waves a white flag9 of 12

Bob waves a white flag

Bob Hope tries to keep things civil in front of kids Cathy & Heath when he asks Brenda Walker if he can pick up the rest of his things.

Fire in Emmerdale10 of 12

Smoke signals?!

Brenda plays along but later, Bob and lover Laurel Thomas notice smoke coming from near the pirate ship. What has Brenda been up to?

Gunpoint confrontation!11 of 12

Gunpoint confrontation!

Ross discovers Simon was paid to keep his mouth shut, and believing Joe is involved soon confronts him at gunpoint.

Is Debbie's secret out?12 of 12

Someone falls - but who?!

Will Joe finally reveal Debbie's terrible secret or will he put his own life on the line to save her? The gun goes off and someone stumbles to the ground but who has been shot?

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