Coronation Street spoilers: Nicola rushed in for emergency cesarean

Nicola rushed in for emergency cesarean

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Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 21 May to Friday 25 May

Here's everything you need to know about next week's turbulent times on our favourite cobbled street

In a week where Pat Phelan's voice is haunting residents on the Street, Nicola Rubinstein falls down the stairs after hearing someone making a noise in Eileen Grimshaw's house.

Nicola is rushed off to hospital for an emergency C-section, but will the baby survive? And who was lurking around in Eileen's house?


Corrie spoilers: 21 May to 25 May

A bad week for Eileen1 of 20

A bad week for Eileen...

Terrified Eileen Grimshaw confesses to Steve McDonald that she's getting crank calls. She's then horrified to find two geezers loading her belongings into a van.

Eileen Corrie2 of 20

And an unwelcome voice returns

They tell her that a man named Pat (!!!) has booked a clearance. If she's not distressed enough, a voice sounding a lot like her dead husband's speaks down the phone to her - is it really him?

Shona confronts Josh3 of 20

Shona digs up Josh's past

Shona Ramsey meets up with one of evil Josh Tucker's old colleagues, Dec, and pushes him for answers. She is horrified to learn that he raped him too.

Fiz Corrie4 of 20

Fiz gets jealous

Fiz Brown grows green with jealousy over Tyrone Dobbs' and Abi Franklin's closeness. Fiz finds out that Abi is a former heroin addict and uses this to warn Tyrone away from her, but he's having none of it.

Sarah gives a peace offering5 of 20

Sarah gives a peace offering

When Gary suggests he'd like Sarah to try and get on with Nicola for the sake of his child, Sarah's given food for thought and goes to visit Nicola with some of Lily's old baby clothes.

David is still a prisoner6 of 20

David is still a prisoner

David's case begins and he is sentenced to 18 months, suspended for two years. Shona urges him to report Josh for rape, revealing what she found out from Dec. David goes to find and threaten Josh after learning that he's been spreading lies to little Max about him.

Gary spots Phelan7 of 20

Gary hunts down an old face

Alarm bells ring when Gary finds out that Nicola's internet friend is from Wales. He decides to track the person down and gets a description which sounds like it could be Phelan!

Alya grows suspicious8 of 20

Alya grows suspicious

Alya is intrigued when Josh's old training partner Claire tells them that Shona called in the gym asking questions about his past.

Zeedan is desparate9 of 20

Zeedan is desparate

Zeedan Nazir is shocked at his own behaviour after attacking Phil and desperately hopes he'll pull through. His sister Rana assures Zeedan that Phil is expected to make a full recovery but their relief is short-lived when they spot the police leaving Steve's flat.

Zeedan10 of 20

Kate and Rana lie for Zeedan

Kate Connor and Rana protect Zadeem by holding back in their questioning by the police.

Nicola takes a nasty tumble11 of 20

Nicola takes a nasty tumble

Nicola hears some suspicious noises coming from upstairs in Eileen's house. Convinced someone is there, she goes to investigate but ends up falling down the stairs. NOOO!

Robert has a heart attack12 of 20

Robert has a heart attack

As Robert and Michelle get ready for a night out, Robert suddenly collapses while clutching his chest. He's rushed to hospital and is told it was a heart attack - but he's not going to tell Michelle that!

Fiz to the rescue13 of 20

Fiz to the rescue, but is it too late?

While Nicola lies unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, Fiz rushes round to the house after hearing the tumble from next door. Will she and Eileen get help in time to save the baby?

Alya confronts Josh14 of 20

Alya wants the truth

Alya is confused about the bust up between David and Josh in the cafe. She demands to know what's happened but Josh lies and says it was just an unprovoked attack from David.

Michelle gives orders15 of 20

Michelle gives orders

Michelle Connor tells her son Ryan to make sure fiance Robert Preston doesn't drink too much at his stag do - especially after his unexpected hospital trip.

Hope Corrie16 of 20

Tyrone and Fiz are at war

Hope tells Fiz that she saw her daddy kissing Abi. She then tells Tyrone that Fiz asked her to spy on them. Both parents are FURIOUS with each other's behaviour.

Star studded stag do17 of 20

Star studded stag do

Robert is annoyed at Ryan for inviting his future missus' ex, Steve McDonald (who just so happens to be dressed as Boy George, by the way) to the rockstar themed stag do.



While Nicola is loaded into the ambulance after her fall, Gary finds that his suspicions are right as he spots Phelan alive and well in a Welsh campsite. What will he do next and will he make it back in time for Nicola?

Ryan gets his future step-dad drunk19 of 20

Ryan gets his future step-dad drunk

Ryan plies Robert with booze - despite his mum's strict orders. Steve grows concerned about the situation.

Nicola needs emergency cesarean20 of 20

Nicola needs emergency cesarean

While Gary is spying from a van in Wales, poor Nicola needs to have an emergency C-section in the hospital. All our fingers and toes are crossed!

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