Emmerdale spoilers: Liam Cavanagh has the final say on Leanna’s funeral

And some are going to be less than thrilled about it

Liam Cavanagh

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Liam Cavanagh and Jacob Gallagher have been at war over Leanna's funeral plans, and this week Liam will finally take the reigns when he tells Jacob and his mum Leyla Harding that he doesn't want their help.

While Leyla is left heartbroken by the snub, Jacob quickly turns to anger.

April Windsor Emmerdale
April is the target of cruel trolls ©ITV

April Windsor becomes the target of cruel online trolls but Cathy Hope convinces her not to tell her dad about it.

Finding out anyway, Marlon Dingle is devastated that he wasn't able to protect his daughter.

Aaron Dingle convinces Ben Tucker to move out of his dad's place but is left feeling rejected when he turns down his offer to move into Mill Cottage.

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The week begins with April getting targeted by online bullies who send her a cruel meme of Donna. Visiting her mum's grave, April asks why they hate her so much. Soon Cathy arrives at her friend's side and says she'll look after her, but says it's probably best not to worry her dad.

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Ben apologises to Liv for lying about his connection to Warren and Aaron convinces him to cut ties with his manipulative dad and collect the rest of his stuff. But when Aaron invites him to move into Mill, Ben refuses, saying he can't live with another alcoholic. Aaron rails at Liv and blames her for getting in between them.

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Jamie arrives back at the B&B to find Diane dumping his stuff out the front in bin bags, as revenge for his cruelty toward Gabby. Later Jamie meets up with Andrea and lies about the reasons for his estrangement from Kim.

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Leyla, Jacob and Liam are still at odds over Leanna's funeral and eventually Liam snaps and tells them that he doesn't want their help. Later Leyla is heartbroken when Liam tells her that she wasn't there for him when he needed her most.

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Despite agreeing not to tell her dad about the bullying, Marlon hears from Rhona about the online groups and finds an upset April by Donna's grave. Clearly devastated to have let her down, Marlon assures April she can come to him about anything, but says he's going to keep hold of her phone for the time being.

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Liam meets with Charles to discuss Leanna's funeral, telling him he wants something traditional and respectful. But he's livid when Jacob arrives unannounced and, insisting he knew Leanna better than anyone, tells Liam she deserves something unique. How will Liam react?

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Nate suggests that maybe Tracy should go and visit Vanessa, but Tracey balks at the thought of having to look after Frankie alone.

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At Leanna's funeral, a pensive Meena toys with Leanna's ring, which she's taken to wearing on a chain round her neck. But when it comes loose and rolls to a stop right by Liam's shoe, she's rooted to the spot, fearing discovery.

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But before all that, here's everything coming up this week on Emmerdale...

Faith Dingle has found an unlikely home with Brenda Walker and Eric Pollard but when the villagers start gossiping about their strange set up, Brenda and Eric encourage her to tell her family about her latest cancer scare.

Faith doesn't want to worry her family until she gets a proper diagnosis but soon it looks as though the option might be taken away from her.

Elsewhere, Nicola King makes an effort to save her marriage to Jimmy King but it's clear something isn't right when his guilt consumed him.

Meena Jutla Emmerdale
Is Meena about to be rumbled? ©ITV


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Coronation Street: the naked charity calendar gets underway

Will he tell her about his kiss with Mandy Dingle?

Following his daughter's death, Liam Cavanagh goes missing for days and Meena Jutla is the one to find him.

But Leyla Harding is horrified to find him dumping Leanna's stuff outside his house in bin bags.

Tracy Metcalfe can't stop listening to the nagging voice in her head and Victoria Sugden receives some news about Robert Sugden.

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