Coronation Street: the naked charity calendar gets underway

But who's getting cold, er, feet?


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Newcomer Curtis' naked calendar idea for Oliver's charitable fund is well underway, but despite many of the blokes in Weatherfield initially being excited to take part, soon Kevin Webster and Dev Alahan are having second thoughts.

When both their naked shoots are interrupted, Dev demands Curtis and Emma Brooks remove his image from the project - but is it too late?

Meanwhile Steve McDonald is more concerned about Emma when he gets wind that Curtis is wining and dining another girl at the Bistro.

Laura Neelan corrie
It looks like Laura Neelan is here to stay ©ITV

But is all as it seems?

Following the debacle with the heating pump, Billy Mayhew calls a meeting with the bishop to tell him he's not up to the job of archdeacon. Overhearing their conversation, Todd Grimshaw is wracked with guilt but will he come clean?

Leanne Battersby welcomes Sam Blakewell into her home, Laura Neelan gets a job at the factory and Tyrone Dobbs is seeing green over Fiz Brown's new relationship.

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Coronation Street Monday 19 - Friday 23 July

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The week begins with Kevin preparing to shoot his charity naked calendar photo in the garage, dressed as a suave captain hook. As Brian adjusts the finishing touches on the camera set up, Kevin drops his robe - just as Abi walks in.

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Emma is clearly catching feelings for Curtis but when Steve hears that Curtis is at the bistro with a mystery woman he storms round to tear a strip off him. Later Curtis tells him that he's got the wrong end of the stick but will Steve be able to keep his secret?

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Following the incident with the stolen heat pump, Billy is gutted to learn that insurance won't cover it. Billy meets up with the bishop at the café and tells him he's respectfully resigning from the archdeacon role as he's clearly not up to the job. Overhearing everything, Todd is wracked with guilt.

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Tyrone is annoyed when Kevin convinces him not to bother writing an article about Fiz as no one wants to hear a bad word against her - while Chris puts pressure on Fiz for a follow up. Later Tyrone goes to pick up a takeaway from Speed Dahl for Alina and he but fumes when he sees Fiz there enjoying her date with Phill.

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Nick is thrilled that Natasha is allowing him to spend more time with Sam and when she asks if he and Leanne can take him for the week, Sam quickly makes Oliver's old room his own. Wondering if he's upset Leanne, Nick is apologetic but soon she tells Sam to make himself at home.

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In the pub, Laura complains that she's skint and when Carla mentions there's a cleaning gig going at the factory, she's eager to take it. Later Laura visits Kelly in prison and asks her what really happened the night of the attack - Kelly admits she's been having flashbacks.

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The menfolk of the town are getting their calendar photos done but Mr December Dev is getting cold feet. After he's left red-faced when his shoot is interrupted by Debbie, Dev demands Emma and Curtis pull the print run and remove his photo, but Emma thinks it might already be too late.

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When Fiz asks Tyrone to take the girls for the evening because she's got another date with Phill, he says he's already got dinner plans with Alina. At the Bistro Tyrone glares at Fiz on her date, upsetting Alina. Later when Tyrone's bank card is declined, Phill offers to foot the bill, leaving a drunk Tyrone angry and humiliated. When Tyrone swings a punch, Fiz is horrified.

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But before all that, here's everything coming up this week on Corrie...

Following the breakdown of her long-term relationship with Tyrone Dobbs after he left her out of the blue for Alina Popp, Fiz Brown decides to bite the bullet and get back out on the dating scene.

But when her 'date' turns out to be a local reporter chasing a story about women jilted by their partners for younger models, Fiz feels humiliated - until a friend convinces her this might be just what she needs to get her own back.

Fiz Brown Corrie
Fiz lands a second date with dreamy Phill ©ITV


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Will she take the opportunity?

Elsewhere, Todd Grimshaw is facing more pressure than ever to pay back the money he owes Will and when the teenager plants an idea about how he might be able to steal it back, Todd is forced to make a decision that could end his relationship with Billy Mayhew.

Daisy Midgeley makes sure that Alya Nazir knows all about the night she spent with Alya's boyfriend Ryan Connor, Emma Brooker and newbie Curtis grow closer and Paul Foreman spends the night behind bars.

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