Emmerdale: Is Leanna Cavanagh Meena Jutla’s next victim?

She's a menace to the village

Leanna Cavanagh Meena Jutla Emmerdale

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Meena Jutla will stop at nothing to get Jacob Gallagher well out of the way of her and David Metcalfe's blossoming relationship.

But while Jacob enjoys bursting her bubble this week, Meena quickly turns her attentions to Jacob's friend Leanna Cavanagh and when she shows up at her house, it's clear Leanna is creeped out.

Meena Jutla Emmerdale
Will Jacob fall for her scheming? ©ITV

But Meena's scheming may be getting directed at the wrong person because despite trying their hardest to fight it, it's clear there's chemistry fizzing between David and Victoria Sugden as they bond over their babies.

Faith Dingle is preparing to leave the village once again but soon she's stopped by none other than Brenda Walker who has an unlikely proposition for her.

Matty Barton sticks his foot in it with Billy Fletcher, Aaron Dingle isn't sure he can trust Ben Tucker and Ryan Stocks has a word of warning for Mack Boyd.

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Emmerdale Monday 5 - Friday 9 July

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The week begins with Meena offering to front the airfare if Jacob agrees to the backpacking trip with Leanna. But while Jacob plays along and agrees not to tell David, he's only all too aware of when he's being manipulated and soon he takes pleasure in bursting her bubble.

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Meanwhile, Meena's sister Manpreet drops her old travelling rucksack round to Liam for Leanna to use on her trip. When Meena finds out she pales, having stored some personal belongings in it. Meena heads over to get the bag back off Leanna, but is it too late? And what's in it?

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With Faith at odds with nearly everyone in the village, she pays a visit to Chas at the pub and announces she's leaving. But an unlikely saviour arrives in the form of Brenda, who offers her a place at Pollard's barn for as long as she needs - on the condition that she move in too, to make sure nothing untoward goes on...

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A careless Matty puts his foot in it when he lets slip to Mack about Leanna's obsession with Billy. Arriving at HOP later that day, Billy lays into Matty, worried he'll never be able to live this down.

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Elsewhere, David and Victoria make plans to spend the day together with their little ones. Over at Keeper's Cottage it's obvious there's chemistry between them and soon David leans in for a kiss - but what will Meena do when she finds out?

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Ryan is relieved when Mack appears to heed his advice about staying away from Dawn but was it all too easy?

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Aaron is growing increasingly suspicious about the calls and messages that Ben keeps screening, but he's no closer to find out what they're about.

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But first, here's everything coming up this week in Emmerdale...

It's Pride Month and Andrea Tate has been working to get Emmerdale Pride off the ground. With a moving speech from Ethan Anderson and a very special guest in the form of RuPaul's Drag Race winner The Vivienne, the day promises to be a great one.

But before the big day, there's plenty going on in the village.

Emmerdale spoilers
Meena won't be happy... ©ITV


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Faith Dingle is worried about her health when she suddenly collapses in the street. While Manpreet Sharma convinces her to come in for an MRI scan, Faith leans on Eric Pollard for support.

But Brenda Walker is less than thrilled when she catches them together again.

Elsewhere, Meena Jutla is growing increasingly frustrated that her plans for her and David aren't coming to fruition and vows to do whatever it takes to get her way.

Tracy Metcalfe continues to avoid her daughter Frankie, Ben Tucker receives and unwelcome phone call and Leanne Cavanagh is furious at her dad Liam.

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