Coronation Street: Gail Platt rushed to hospital

And there's a baby bombshell for Tyrone Dobbs

Gail Platt heart attack

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When David Platt tries to convince his mum Gail to allow Nick Tisley to see Sam Blakeman, Gail is having none of it and insists she needs to respect Natasha Blakeman's rules.

But when the boys work out a way round Gail's hard no, she's left in quite the state, leading her to have a suspected heart attack.

Elsewhere, James Bailey is pleased when his ex Danny wants to meet up but continues to feel torn between his sexuality and his footballing career.

Is he ready to open up?

Meanwhile, Jenny Connor sets the wheels in motion to buy the Rover's Return outright and with Johnny Connor finding somewhere new to live, is it really the end of an era for the former couple?

Summer Spellman leaves her dad in turmoil, Alya Nazir is irritated with Ryan Connor and Alina Popp drops a baby bombshell.

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Coronation Street Monday 28 June - Friday 4 July

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The week begins with David trying to convince Gail to let Nick see Sam when she's babysitting him that week, but Gail insists she must respect Natasha's wishes. When Nick bumps into Natasha and Sam in the street he's overcome, but Natasha quickly ushers Sam away.

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At the pub, Jenny is furious when she returns from the bank to find that Daisy has cut Sean's hours and given them to herself and that Emma has staged a walk out in protest. Railing at Daisy, Jenny tells her she's going to buy the pub by herself outright, leaving Daisy humiliated.

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James is thrilled when he's contacted by Danny suggesting they meet for lunch. At the Bistro, it seems as though no time has passed but when James says that if they were to give things another go, they'd still have to keep it a secret, Danny walks out. Unbeknownst to either of them, some local football fans take photographs from the other side of the room.

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Tyrone is grateful to Fiz for helping him plan Kirsty's funeral and explain things to the girls - but he's got even more on his plate when Alina tells him that she's pregnant. When Alina can't make the funeral because of a 'mystery illness', Fiz is only too happy to lend her support, but will he tell her what's really going on?

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Later in the week, Sam arrives at his grandma Gail's for the day but Gail is furious when David shows up with Nick. As she rails at them both for stitching her up, she's soon bent double in pain and Sam follows her outside and calls an ambulance. As she's rushed to hospital over a suspected heart attack, David and Nick are wracked with guilt.

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Jenny breaks the news to Johnny that she's arranged to buy the pub and Johnny tells her he's found somewhere else to live. As they sit down over a bottle of wine, they both enjoy reminiscing about the good times they shared together.

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James attends a press conference to announce he's been promoted to Tommy Orpington's new role, but it's clear people are more interested in his private life. Looking to his family for support, James bravely announces he's gay. As the press bombard him with questions, James feels a weight has been lifted.

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Ayla has been working hard to clear her grandma's debts and is thrilled when the bank finally agrees to repossess the community centre. But despite the excuse to celebrate, when Ryan suggests a night out Alya snaps that she still has to work, and suggests that he do the same.

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Feeling stung, Ryan heads out alone and bumps into Daisy, who suggests a drink at the pub to cheer him up. As Ryan talks about his aspirations to become a DJ, a supportive Daisy tells him he should follow his dreams, no matter what.

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Billy and Todd despair when Summer tells them that she won't be attending her long awaited appointment with the diabetes nurse because she's made plans to hang out with her friends instead.

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But here's what happened last week on Corrie...

After weeks spent in a safe house, it's time for Leanne Battersby, Nick Tilsley and Simon Barlow to return to Weatherfield now that drugs lord Harvey is locked up.

But the threat is far from over for Leanne and when DS Glynn reminds her that Harvey's future behind bars is dependent on her testimony, will Leanne be able to risk her family's safety again?


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Elsewhere, Nina Lucas' drinking is spiralling out of control and Roy Cropper is sick with worry about her.

Despite the efforts of her friends to support her, Nina struggles to cope with what's happened - but she's not the only one finding it hard.

Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown clash over baby Aled's hearing and Fiz Brown has the last laugh over Tyrone Dobbs.

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