Emmerdale spoilers: A jealous Aaron hatches a deadly plan to get revenge on Rebecca

Don't mess with Aaron Dingle's man!

Emmerdale Aaron Dingle

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Hasn't anyone learned not to cross Aaron Dingle, especially when it comes to his relationship with his beloved Robert Sugden?

Dramatic scenes are to come in Emmerdale as Aaron's fiance Robert get's even closer to his ex-flame Rebecca following their awkward kiss last month - that saw Rebecca rejected by a shocked Robert.

Emmerdale Aaron Dingle

Aaron proceeded to then humilate Rebecca in the Woolpack, insisiting that he knew all about the kiss (he didn't).

"I didn’t say anything because I already knew,” he told her in the Woolpack.

"He told me, said he’d been an idiot but it meant nothing. He was playing you, I told him it was stupid and he had no right to do it but what can you do.

"You seem to think you’re this big threat to us, don’t you? But you’re not. You’re nothing. Why don’t you get over yourself? He did."

What a burn.

However, the kiss still hasn't stopped the pair getting closer in recent weeks and Aaron's struggle with his jealously has finally hit it's limit.

And next week, Aaron sees red when a drunken Moira Barton comments on how how well the pair have been getting along.

So, after announcing that he's buying the Mill, he decides to break into Home Farm while a sleeping Rebecca is upstairs alone...

Emmerdale Aaron Dingle

However, his aborts his plan when Rebecca walks into the room, leaving Aaron to grab all the cash he can from the safe and races out of the front door.

**What will this mean for 'Robron'? And will Rebecca get some cold-hearted revenge in return? Will the police come after Aaron again? **

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