DON’T GO! Jacob to sabotage Leyla’s move abroad in Emmerdale


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As Leyla prepares to move to Greece, her son Jacob is determined to make her stay at all costs!

Leyla can’t wait to hop on a plane and start a new life abroad in Greece - and who can blame her: sun, sea and souvlaki here she comes!

The wedding planner has already got a new business opportunity lined up and it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be jetting off for an exciting new start. Or so she thinks…

As she makes her final preparations and starts packing her bags, her son Jacob is devastated that she’s going and soon hatches a plan to make her stay!

Leyla has had a rubbish year with her ex-fiance Pete the Cheat! ©ITV

What has the teen got in mind? And is Leyla about to be very let down indeed when her Greek dream looks like it’s slipping slowly into the sea?

The determined teen does everything he can to persuade her to stay but his mum is adamant she’s going and promises him, that with her in sunny Greece, he’ll have the best of both worlds and can visit her any time he wants. Yeah right.

Not surprisingly, Jacob’s not too impressed and realizing he’s fighting a losing battle, he hatches a cunning ruse to keep her in the Dales. But is it someone else who'll be in the firing plan when the crafty lad puts his plan into action?

He can try all he likes but we don’t fancy his long-term chances of success.

Whatever he does, it’s only a matter of time before Leyla departs because in real life,the actress Roxy Shahidi who plays her,has already filmed her exit scenes and is currently on maternity leave,awaiting the birth of her first child, a baby girl, with husband Arsher Ali.

The good news is, the door has been left open for her return and Roxy is expected to be swinging back into the Dales at the end of her maternity leave. So….be patient Jacob, Leyla will be back!

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