WHO DIES? Explosive Emmerdale scenes as Emma and Moira go head to head


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You do NOT want to miss Emmerdale this week. We're in for a nail-biting climax as Barton rivals Emma and Moira go head to head with terrifying and deadly consequences. A burning barn, an exploding oil drum and someone on the loose with a shotgun! Gulp! It's all going off and someone is going to die but who will it be meeting their maker?...

After a year of burying her big bad secret, that she bumped off her hubby James by shoving him off a bridge, (oh and causing a multi-vehicle pile up in the process), an unhinged Emma cracks in spectacular style and blurts out the truth to Moira.

A shell-shocked Moira is stunned when crazed Emma turns up at her home and starts asking Moira if she and James were in love. Gillian Kearney who plays the loony nurse says, “Emma blames Moira for everything. She’s angry and bitter and genuinely believes that if Moira had let go of James he wouldn’t have been hung up on her and Emma would never have lost her temper and pushed him off the bridge!”

Ok. Let’s get this straight, so it seems even now Emma is STILL not able to take full responsibility for her crimes but is instead pointing the finger of blame at her love rival!

Emma and Moira go head to head (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Needless to say feisty Moira is having none of that but as Emma becomes increasingly agitated and the bitter accusations come spewing forth, she starts to worry that she’s in danger.

Fearing for her safety, she tries to calm Emma down but the wild-eyed nurse is on full-throttle.

“Moira breaks away to escape, but Emma grabs a pitchfork and goes for her”, says Natalie J Robb who plays Moira. Oh dear, the hazards of farmyard weaponry! “In their tussle, Emma hits a light which in turn causes a fire. Soon they’re both aware that the barn is burning around them.”

Moira becomes trapped under some heavy equipment (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

But there’s more to contend with when an oil drum explodes and Moira becomes trapped under some fallen equipment.

As she begs Emma to help her, will her enemy leave her to burn to death? Let’s not forget Emma has form when it comes to leaving people trapped under heavy equipment in barns. Remember when James was left fighting for his life when that pulley system collapsed and his wife coolly walked away?

As the blaze takes hold will Emma help trapped Moira? (Credit: ITV)* ©ITV

“The barn is full of flammable objects and Emma is a loose cannon”, continues Natalie. “Moira is terrified she’s going to die.”

As the deadly blaze takes hold Adam and Victoria are horrified when they spot the flames and billows of smoke. They rush to the scene but when Adam realises mad Emma has made a bolt for it, he chases after her with a loaded gun, (which also happens to be lying around....honestly, these farms! Where’s health and safety when you need them?).

Adam and Victoria spot the blaze (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

As Adam sprints after Emma, he manages to drop the gun and it ends up in Emma’s hands. Eeek! A gunshot is fired but who has taken the bullet. Is it Adam who’s been hit? Has he wrestled the weapon from Emma? And what’s happened to trapped Moira? All we can say is someone is going to die and it's not Paddy or Pearl! DO NOT MISS!

Which Barton do you think will meet their maker? Innocent Moira, evil Emma or could it be Adam? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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